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Introducing the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M “Beijing 2022” Special Edition

Introducing the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M “Beijing 2022” Special Edition


Omega’s long relationship with the Olympics proceeds with another Seamaster reported for the current week. What started in Los Angeles in 1932 with the utilization of clear, normal creation Omega stopwatches in competition has developed into a profound association that has not just delivered a large number of restricted version looks after the years, however has been a wellspring of genuine headway in timekeeping. The touchpads swimmers use to stop the check in swimming competitions, current starter guns associated with electronic stopwatches, and the photograph electric cells used to decide the victor of a “photo-finish” were totally evolved with the assistance of Omega. In contrast to certain organizations between watch brands and enormous commercial substances, there’s something extremely regular about Omega’s work with the Olympics, and one has the feeling that there’s a genuine scaffold between the cutting edge developments that Omega places in their most up to date sports watches and the fairly trend setting innovation used to record planned occasions in Olympic competition. Only one out of every odd Olympic themed watch that Omega has delivered has been a plan achievement, however the new Seamaster for the Beijing 2022 games finds some kind of harmony between on-the-button Olympics marking and a center Omega aesthetic. 

The Seamaster Diver 300M “Beijing 2022” Special Edition takes the now natural refreshed Seamaster case and adds a titanium bezel ring, supplanting the cleaned earthenware we’ve all become acclimated with. This seems, by all accounts, to be a similar bezel we found in the “Nekton” Seamaster delivered a year ago, with minute markers and numerals delivered in certain help, with an unmistakable grained surface all through the bezel’s surface. The final product here is a watch that peruses as marginally more toolish than its earthenware highlighted partner, however the 42mm treated steel case holds a similar profile and fit. Now the Seamaster Diver 300M is something of a known amount among lovers, so you could possibly effectively envision how this watch would wear if you’ve at any point took a stab at one of the standard Seamasters. 

from the beginning you may not quickly notice the Olympic association with this specific reference, yet give close consideration to the moment and hour markers at 2:00, 4:00, 8:00, 10:00, and 12:00. Those sprinkles of shading address the Olympic rings, and against the brilliant blue wave dial this Seamaster could nearly be considered as the most recent section in the sub-pattern of “Rainbow” sports watches . It’s not so blingy or difficult to acquire as the notable Rainbow Daytona, yet in the event that “subtle Rainbow” is a thing, the Beijing 2022 Seamaster may be it. 

The blue dial is a Seamaster distinguishing mark, and this one has the laser cut wave dial in clay that is common to the most recent age of the jumper, and a return to the prior “Electric Blue” dialed Seamasters that this watch most intently looks like. Taking a gander at the included exposure photographs, apparently the dial on the Beijing 2022 watch has been given a light sunburst surface, which the flow harvest of standard Seamasters needs. Obviously, it’s an emotional matter of taste regarding whether you incline toward the cleaned artistic dials found in the standard arrangement, or the to some degree more held on the Beijing 2022 release, however it at any rate presents one more choice for the Seamaster shopper. 

As one would expect, the new Seamaster is controlled by Omega’s Caliber 8800, a METAS affirmed Master Chronometer with a co-pivotal escapement. Dissimilar to the customary Seamaster, this form has shrouded the development behind a shut caseback, which includes an etching of the Beijing 2022 logo. Omega additionally utilizes their NAIAD Lock highlight here to keep the direction of the logo reliable regardless of whether the caseback should be eliminated and screwed back on. 

The Beijing 2022 Special Edition will be accessible in April with a retail cost $6,150. Omega