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Introducing the new Doxa Sub 200 Collection

Introducing the new Doxa Sub 200 Collection

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Recently at Baselworld, Doxa made a lot of features for reasons they may, all things considered, need to fail to remember. We, obviously, can always remember the presentation of an extremely restricted Sub 200 T.Graph, with a stunning retail cost of $70,000. The whole watch community heard the record skip at absolutely a similar time, and incensed discussions followed about the benefits of a much adored instrument watch brand delivering a curiosity item at an expense higher than a considerable lot of the most sought after extravagance watches on the planet. It’s reasonable for say that while most were centered around the strong gold Doxa, outstanding amongst other incentives of the whole reasonable went essentially unnoticed by many, including me. Here at that point, we have the renewed introduction of the Doxa Sub 200 assortment, a definitely less monumental watch than what at last drew the enormous features. Let’s investigate.

Doxa Sub 200 Collection

  • Case Material: Stainless steel 
  • Dial: Black, Orange, Silver, Navy, Turquoise, Yellow  
  • Dimensions: 42 x 14mm
  • Crystal: Sapphire  
  • Water Resistance: 200 meters  
  • Crown: Screw down   
  • Movement: ETA 2824-2
  • Strap/bracelet: Stainless steel wristband or elastic strap 
  • Price: $990
  • Reference Number: Professional 799.10.351.10, Searambler 799.10.021.10, Sharkhunter 799.10.101.10, Caribbean 799.10.201.10, Aquamarine 799.10.241.10, Divingstar 799.10.361.10
  • Expected Release: Full assortment accessible December 15 

Doxa is a top choice of the fan swarm, and seen as a sort of unadulterated diver’s watch brand, that jumpers really own and use. They’ve encountered a prominent resurgence as of late, and have been rereleasing a considerable lot of their exemplary watches to a lot of praise, frequently selling out their restricted version discharges. The different watches in the “Sub T” arrangement have an exceptionally particular pad case, with a little dial and a “no decompression” bezel, something Doxa licensed in 1967. The Sub 200, however, has consistently been somewhat unique, easier, and styled more in accordance with what most would summon in the mind’s eye when we think about a plunge watch. It’s somewhat less scary, marginally more conventional, yet has the straightforward plunging cleaves (and set-up of shading alternatives) Doxa is known for.

The plan of the Sub 200 is more or less direct. Notwithstanding the shading picked (more on those in a piece), you’re getting an exemplary plunge watch outline, with short drags that point forcefully internal toward the focal point of the case. It gives the watch a compact, squat appearance that limits the haul to drag length, permitting an assortment of wrists to wear it, despite the fact that the distance across is a full 42mm. The entirety of the advanced tech you’d expect in a plunge watch is here also, with a sapphire gem, and a lot of Super-Luminova on the dial and bezel, which is an extraordinary present day contact that I’d wish more contemporary jump watches would utilize. The watch is fueled by an ETA 2824, which Doxa discloses to us they improved, however we’ll need to believe them, as the caseback is closed.

From the good ‘ol days, Doxa has given fun names to their watches with various splendidly hued dials, and the practice remains constant with the Sub 200. An aggregate of six dial variations will be accessible, which are generally actually various models in the Sub 200 assortment inside the Doxa list: Sharkhunter (dark), Professional (orange), Searambler (silver), Caribbean (naval force), Aquamarine (turquoise), and Divingstar (yellow). Each model name relates to the legacy naming shows Doxa has been utilizing since the 1960s. It’s ideal to see the brand respecting their own set of experiences here, while at the same time offering buyers a ton of choices.

Most of the Sub 200 models are accessible now on Doxa’s site on their unique globules of rice arm band, with some set to start delivering in December. All models will become accessible on elastic lashes as of December 15. Doxa.

Whether you’re Doxa fan or spic and span to the brand, invest the majority of your energy outdoors or are an excited sporting jumper, we’d love to know your musings on this new line. If it’s not too much trouble, don’t hesitate to comment below.