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Introducing the Merci LMM-01 Project Spécial Collection

Introducing the Merci LMM-01 Project Spécial Collection


Part plan firm and part retail location, Merci is a multifaceted company that applies smart plan to things we use and wear each day. Today, we’re investigating the new Project Spécial Collection that’s dependent on their fruitful LMM-01 model. This new line comprises of three distinct watches that draw inspiration from the field, the railroad, and the vintage watch from the rear of your grandfather’s cabinet. Each piece in the LMM-01 Project Spécial Collection is housed in a similar 38-millimeter case, yet look completely changed. Merci’s incredible utilization of dial plan and format take three comparable watches and give them each their own character. They do share a piece practically speaking however.  

Inside the LMM-01’s tempered steel case, you’ll discover one of two Seiko quartz developments. The VH31 in the “Field” highlights a general seconds hand (not really common for quartz), while the VD78 in the “Railroad” and “Grand Pa’” have a little seconds sub-dial with your ordinary ticking seconds hand. The entirety of the cases highlight a brushed completion all through, save for a cleaned ring that encompasses the gem. This little detail truly helps make the dial pop.  

Even with the twofold bended mineral glass precious stone, the general tallness gauges in at a sparse 10.67 millimeters tall. The LMM-01 seems as though it wears pleasantly on the wrist, effectively sneaking by a sleeve or avoiding the route during activity.

In every one of the three renditions, there’s a couple of mark configuration subtleties that make them each their own extraordinary piece.

The “Railroad”

The most bright of the three is the “Railroad,” with its blue numerals and yellow-colored tablet hand set. Going around the outside of the dial, there’s a railroad track-inspired section ring. It’s an inconspicuous gesture to its namesake without being excessively spot on. The finished little seconds dial is pressed loaded with subtleties, with exact markings seen all through. The “Railroad” has a ton going on, however the plan stays intriguing and adjusted without being too overwhelming.

The “Field”

Available with either a dark or white dial, the “Field” watch is an incredible illustration of a basic military-inspired plan. A 12-hour scale encompasses the dial and is featured with vintage-hued lume spots at every hour. The elliptical needle style hands additionally get the lume treatment, making it simple to peruse in dim conditions. Rather than ticking, the “Field” highlights a standard focal seconds hand that ranges like a programmed watch, despite the quartz development inside.

The “Grand Pa”

Drawing hefty inspiration from vintage watches of the mid-century, the “Grand Pa” centers around intelligibility and straightforward plan. The silver dial is generally droning, save for a little red hash mark at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. Straightforward dark lancet-style hands and unobtrusive marking give the dial some welcomed space to breathe that outcomes in a tasteful and decipherable ordinary watch.

I believe that each watch assortment could profit by a sharp-looking quartz watch like the LMM-01 Project Spécial. At times it’s ideal to toss on a watch that’s effectively set, and head out the entryway. You can design your watch with an assortment of cowhide and nylon groups, or settle on a metal wristband should that be your inclination. Without a moment to spare for these special seasons, you can add a LMM-01 to your assortment or get one as a present at the sensible cost of 230€, which is generally $260 USD. Merci