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Introducing the Longines Silver Arrow

Introducing the Longines Silver Arrow


Much the same as that, we’ve jumped head-first into the new delivery season, as a portion of the large watch brands have started to prod and present new models that are either all set, or will be soon. Longines is out of the door with another watch enlivened by exemplary mid-century plans – the same old thing for them. The new Silver Arrow, while it probably won’t look it to present day eyes, is profoundly established in auto plan of the 1950s, and has the streamlined yet downplayed case lines that were a sign of the time.

The first Silver Arrow was delivered in 1956, following a challenge held inside Longines to name their new watch with a vehicle enlivened, vanguard plan. Silver Arrow was the champ, picked for its connect to the blossoming vehicle culture, explicitly regarding hustling. The plan of the watch, explicitly the delicate bends, are effectively connected to vehicle plan of the day, and give the entire bundle a smooth vibe that would have felt practically advanced in the last part of the 50s. The insignia picked to check the first Silver Arrow line was a supersonic plane flying through a brilliant sky (seen on the caseback of this new delivery). You can clearly see the association Longines was attempting to draw between speed, innovative progression, and the people on the forefront of the aeronautical designing world. This was a lot of an item from the beginning of the Space Age. 

The new Silver Arrow seen here, rendered to the 50s, can without much of a stretch be envisioned on the wrist of a NASA engineer or an end of the week racer, and for a watch purchaser in 2021 it’s essentially an attractive ordinary watch for certain genuine connections to the brand’s long history. The steel case estimates 38.5mm in breadth, which ought to be a comfortable size for nearly anybody and feels totally fitting for a cutting edge watch dependent on a 50s plan. The silver opaline dial highlights rectangular, striated hour markers, which you’ll likewise find on the first form of the watch, and numerous different watches from the period (however not lamentably very few from this one). There’s no date, which should keep idealists upbeat, and like the Heritage Military Marine Nationale delivered a year ago, they’ve likewise left off any sign that a programmed development beats away inside.

That development, nonetheless, is in fact programmed, and a welcome present day innovative touch to a watch that’s in any case immovably planted in some other time-frame altogether. Type L888.5 is worked by ETA only for Longines, and dependent on their A31.L11 type. It has a functional 72 hours of force hold, and uses a silicon balance spring. 

The new Longines Silver Arrow retails for $2,100, and is accessible to arrange right now from Longines. Longines