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Introducing the Longines Avigation BigEye Chronograph

Introducing the Longines Avigation BigEye Chronograph

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Longines has a long history of Swiss watchmaking and has looked to exploit that in the course of the most recent decade to create and extend its Heritage assortment. It is nothing unexpected that a company with a winged hourglass for its logo ought to be intensely connected with flying watches both in the over a wide span of time. Along that topic, Longines have added another watch to the assortment, the Avigation BigEye, and the styling and cost make certain to make it a success. Longines are refering to a 1930s watch as a reason for reissue here, however the particular style will be recognizable to numerous as an update of the flying chronographs of the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s.

“Big-Eye” chronographs, for example, those once made by Universal Genève, Breguet and Longines themselves, are planned with simple perusing of the chronograph minute counter as a main priority, with the larger than usual register giving the style its name. The other promptly clear gesture to the planned unique use of this watch comes as the larger than usual chronograph pushers; already an element to help simple activity of the chronograph while wearing gloves in the cockpit, this presently adds to the vintage allure of the watch.

There are, obviously, a few updates and changes produced using the watches that propelled this delivery to carry the BigEye into the present day, and generally they are thoughtfully done. The outcome is an attractive chronograph that overflows with retro appeal.

The width is 41mm, making it an advanced size without being immense. The hardened steel case is essentially brushed, save for the thin surface bezel and the chronograph pushers. The precious stone is sapphire with a few layers of hostile to intelligent covering, and it holds a weighty vault as one would anticipate from a vintage-styled chronograph. The thickness of 14.5mm to the highest point of the vault shouldn’t be too oppressive either.

The movement inside is Longines’ L688.2 type, in view of the ETA 7750, however changed over to a section wheel plan and with a more drawn out force hold of 54 hours. This movement has been seen in Longines’ programmed chronographs since its presentation in 2013. You won’t have the option to get a decent glance at it however as Longines have settled on a strong, engraved case back with regards to the watches it depends on. Instead of deciding on an artificial patina style lume paint which has nearly become the standard with vintage style reissues, the hands and files of the Avigation BigEye get a liberal measure of green-conditioned Super-LumiNova, which should offer much better low-light intelligibility and offers inclination to work over form.

The last outstanding retro-motivated plan choice is the shortfall of a date window. Longines’ Heritage observes very frequently press a date window into a plan which could well oversee far superior without.

The three-register format of the adjusted 7750 movement gives sub-dials briefly counter at the three o’clock register, a 12-hour counter at the six o’clock register, and a running seconds at the nine o’clock register, with the chronograph seconds appeared by the focal seconds hand. Besides, in another guide to clarity of the chronograph’s slipped by time, Longines have settled on an alternate arrangement of sub-dial hands on the two chronograph registers–not simply the “Big-Eye”–and each sub-dial has an alternate arrangement of markings.

The sparkle dark dial includes enormous Arabic numerals along the border, except for those at three, six and nine o’clock which have been excluded instead of the sub-dials. The nearby numerals are in part removed by sub-dials where they would some way or another cover. Those cutaway numerals can be a genuine side road for a few, and it is particularly observable around the “Big-Eye” counter at three.

The watch comes combined with a marginally upset light earthy colored calfskin tie, which additionally connects to the retro avionics feel. Maybe shockingly, this is a normal creation model instead of a restricted version. The Longines Avigation BigEye is accessible to buy now at a genuinely sensible $2,625. With the elegant updates to an exemplary plan, Longines have most likely delivered what will be a famous watch. Longines