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Introducing the Limited Edition Gauge Series from Weiss Watch Company

Introducing the Limited Edition Gauge Series from Weiss Watch Company


Watches and vehicles have an undeniable association, and it’s one that runs profound. It’s simple to see the parallels between the multifaceted mechanics, celebrated chronicles, and energetic fan bases of the two interests. One such devotee is American watchmaker, Cameron Weiss. He as of late went on a crosscountry street outing in his 1971 Land Rover, and now he’s constructed two watches propelled by the experience—introducing The Gauge Series. Let’s investigate what makes these two restricted releases so uncommon.

If you’re a Land Rover fan, you’ll promptly perceive the numerals on the dial. They’re set in the equivalent somewhat crazy (yet legible) typeface highlighted on the gauges within the vehicle. This release additionally denotes the first occasion when that Weiss settled on lume treatment on the numerals, which mirrors an illuminated gauge. Each dial is machined out of metal, at that point painted by hand in coal black or pastel green. The pastel green is shading coordinated to the very vehicle that enlivened this restricted run of watches.

Pointing to the markers is a bunch of tightened swords that have been hand crafted for this watch. The hour and moment hands highlight a dark oxide/lume treatment, while the little seconds hand at nine o’clock is just droning. Out and out, regardless of whether you’re not a stalwart vintage Land Rover aficionado, you can in any case appreciate the tender loving care, clean plan, and craftsmanship that’s been filled this watch.

The Gauge Series depends on the American Issue Field Watch, Weiss’ lead watch created in their Los Angeles workshop. Like different contributions in the American Issue Field collection, this release includes a 316L stainless steel case that measures in at 42 millimeters. A sapphire gem is utilized on the front and back of the watch, the last of which offers a perspective on the development inside.

At the center of the Gauge Series is the American-made type 1003, which Weiss produces in LA. The redesigned development currently incorporates a hacking seconds hand, a higher beat rate (presently 21,600 bph), and a reengineered origin. It’s likewise been hand-adorned with Geneva stripes, blued screws, and sunburst-style outspread brushing on the wheels.

The Gauge Series is presently available for $2,500. Both the dark and green dial adaptations transport on a carefully assembled Horween leather lash. The creation is profoundly restricted, at just 21 pieces for the light green dial, and 50 pieces for the dark. While a release of 71 pieces seems like a discretionary number, it’s the year (1971) of the truck that Cameron went on his crosscountry outing. Weiss