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Introducing the JDM Seiko x Giugiaro Design Motorcycle Collection

Introducing the JDM Seiko x Giugiaro Design Motorcycle Collection


Seiko’s association with Giugiaro is all around recorded (in the event that you haven’t done as such yet, look at our outline ), and a portion of the watches conceived of that joint effort are notorious Seiko watches today. In 2016, the two firms met up to make the “Rider’s Chronograph,” a quartz watch including a turned dial designed in view of motorcyclists. Seiko and Giugiaro are back with their most recent interpretation of the idea, which rethinks a watch Seiko and Giugiaro put out in 1983—introducing the JDM Seiko X Giugiaro Design motorcycle watch with a computerized, multi-work show.  

The case and wristband are delivered in hardened steel, and the bezel is aluminum. The head estimates 39.4 millimeters across, 44.2 millimeters long, and 12.1 millimeters thick, so it should wear extraordinary on various diverse wrist sizes (I locate that incorporated designs, significantly more modest ones, will in general have more noteworthy wrist presence).

Functionality here is moderately clear. One needs to pivot the bezel to flip between the various modes, which incorporate the time, a caution, a stopwatch, and a clock. The pushers at three and five draw in the capacities, and the pusher at nine turns on the backdrop illumination. The stubs on the bezel, which includes the modes and a tachymeter scale, are there for grasp to help with turning the bezel.  

There are eight adaptations of the motorcycle watch—two general deliveries restricted to 3,000 units each, and six store versions restricted to 500 units each.

Ref. SBJG011 ESTNATION exclusive (500 units) and Ref. SBJG009 SHIPS exclusive (500 units). Ref. SBJG013 Barney’s New York exclusive (500 units) and Ref. SBJG006 Beams exclusive (500 units). Ref. SBJG005 nano universe exclusive (500 units) and Ref. SBJG007 United Arrows exclusive (500 units).

These are JDM models, so in the event that you’re keen on getting one, you’ll need to chase them down. The two general deliveries are presently accessible through Seiya Japan , and the others are sold through their separate stores. Estimating goes from ~$320  to ~$380 USD.