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Introducing the Hanhart Pioneer Valjoux 23 Flyback Featuring NOS Movements

Introducing the Hanhart Pioneer Valjoux 23 Flyback Featuring NOS Movements


At the point when WatchBuys discovered that Hanhart had a cluster of NOS Valjoux 23 segment wheel chronograph developments available, they realized that they expected to accomplish something wonderful with them. Thus the groups over at WatchBuys and Hanhart got together to make another model using this significant verifiable type. In any case, they didn’t stop there. To make the venture truly unique, they chose to go above and beyond and add a flyback complication on top of the chronograph—introducing the Hanhart Pioneer Valjoux 23 Flyback.

The case estimates 42 millimeters across, 12.5 millimeters thick, and has a carry width of 22 millimeters. The treated steel case is satinized and covered in dim/gunmental DLC, giving it a cool, device watch vibe. There’s a sapphire on the two finishes of the case, so around back is an opening exhibiting the lovely type numbered x/90 (more on this later). A coin-edge bezel with a red pip outlines the dial, and on the correct side of the case you have the enormous crown and pushers with the one at 4 covered in red to show the flyback function.

The dial is dark with a two-register design: thirty-minute counter at 3 and clear seconds at 9. Under 12, Hanhart selected to utilize the authentic Hanhart logo, which looks wonderful. The red from the bezel and pusher is continued to the dial, complementing the hand at 3. In general, the watch has an extraordinary vintage vibe without looking a lot of like it was yanked directly from the archives.

A bit about the development. The Valjoux 23 was delivered from 1916 until 1974. It’s a manual-wind type that was utilized by numerous individuals of the enormous houses at a certain point, and it’s regularly viewed as extraordinary compared to other chronograph developments of its time. There was a rendition of the development with a flyback complication named the 230. There was additionally the Valjoux 235, which included a flyback complication and a beat pace of 21,600 vph, versus the 18,000 vph of the 230.

Though the developments are number x/90, it’s far-fetched that that Hanhart will create each of the 90 units. Each watch requires about seven days to assemble, and Hanhart will drape one to a portion of the developments for future adjusting needs.

If you’re keen on the watch, at that point head over to WatchBuys and put yourself on the holding up rundown. Since WatchBuys is allocated just a small bunch of developments each month, you’ll need to do that as soon as possible. Hanhart