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Introducing the Grand Seiko SLGH005, Featuring the 9SA5 Hi-Beat Movement

Introducing the Grand Seiko SLGH005, Featuring the 9SA5 Hi-Beat Movement


It was inevitable. A year ago, when Grand Seiko disclosed their cutting edge high recurrence development, type 9SA5, it was just accessible in an expensive gold watch that was not really a mass market thing. A tempered steel restricted release followed , yet once more, this was an extraordinary watch that was not piece of Grand Seiko’s perpetual assortment. Presently, around one year after the 9SA5 made its presentation, Grand Seiko has presented the watch that numerous fanatics of the brand have been sitting tight for, a perpetual expansion to the assortment, in tempered steel, and running on the new type. Obviously, in light of the fact that it’s Grand Seiko, it’s additionally got a drop dead ravishing dial roused ordinarily, and a couple of different stunts at its disposal. Let’s investigate the all new SLGH005. 

While the new development addresses a significant specialized progression for Grand Seiko, it’s the SLGH005’s dial that captures everyone’s attention. It’s part of a long practice of nature enlivened dials, and this one uses the white birch trees (“Shirakaba”) that develop close to Grand Seiko’s Shizukuishi studio as a bouncing off point. The dial has a surface that is suggestive of contorting tree trunks, with a fine grain surface noticeable at close assessment. Seeing this dial, it’s hard not to consider it an otherworldly continuation of the now notable SBGA211, the Snowflake . Both are white dialed watches that vibe remarkably Japanese in the manner they decipher the common world, however maybe more critically, the two of them present as solid features for noteworthy Grand Seiko development advances. Numerous fans were acquainted with Spring Drive through the Snowflake, and it’s simple to envision that the White Birch will be the leading figure for the 9SA5 for quite a long time to come. 

This is additionally the introduction of a completely new case shape for Grand Seiko, which they’re calling the Series 9. It appears to get to a great extent from other Grand Seiko case plans, which shouldn’t be amazing, yet certainly has its own character. The Series 9 name stretches out to the case, yet in addition to the execution of the watch’s hands and markers, which highlight Zaratsu cleaned features. The case has been planned with wide drags and a low focus of gravity, which Grand Seiko claims helps keep the watch safely and comfortably planted on the wrist. The instance of the new SLGH005 estimates 40mm in width and is simply 11.7mm thick. 

We’ve covered the tech behind the 9SA5 top to bottom at the tales connected before in this post, however a speedy boost: the 9SA5 uses a Grand Seiko planned double drive escapement to communicate double the energy to the offset with a similar movement. This makes for a significantly more productive development, and records for the 9SA5’s noteworthy 80 hour power save. It’s additionally more slender than past high recurrence developments that Grand Seiko has created, which ought to take into account simple wearing watches in an assortment of styles for quite a long time to come.

The SLGH005, accessible in March, isn’t cheap – the retail cost is set at $9,100. Recall however, this is as yet a pristine development, and it addresses a huge innovative overhaul. New escapement plans don’t develop on white birch trees, all things considered. All things considered, for Grand Seiko fans, this is an energizing declaration, and we’re anticipating getting an opportunity to see this one in the metal soon. Grand Seiko