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Introducing the Frederique Constant Yacht Timer Collection

Introducing the Frederique Constant Yacht Timer Collection

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Frederique Constant’s most recent deliveries proceed with what has become a bit of a practice for the brand: bringing genuine complications into esteem driven watches with exemplary feel that review the best Swiss makes. They have eminently delivered a really great never-ending schedule , a world timer, and even a tourbillon with eye popping retail costs in styles that make them difficult to overlook. Their new Yacht Timer assortment — worked around the Regatta Countdown and Yacht Timer GMT — incorporates two new complicated watches with a reasonable and engaging tasteful. Let’s investigate.

Frederique Constant Yacht Timer GMT and Yacht Timer Regatta Countdown 

  • Case Material: Stainless steel and hardened steel with rose gold plating 
  • Dial: Regatta Countdown in silver or naval force blue; Yacht Timer GMT in dark or silver
  • Dimensions: 42mm
  • Crystal: Sapphire 
  • Water Resistance: 10 ATM 
  • Movement: FC-380 (Regatta Countdown), FC-350 (Yacht Timer GMT)
  • Strap/bracelet: Stainless steel arm band or leather   
  • Price: Regatta Countdown begins at $2,895; Yacht Timer GMT begins at $1,995
  • Reference Number: Yacht Timer GMT: FC-350GT4H2B, FC-350VT4H4; Regatta Countdown: FC-380VT4H2B, FC-380VT4H4, FC-380NT4H4, FC-380ST4H6
  • Expected Release: Available now

I think the characteristic feature grabber here is the Regatta Countdown, so let’s start there. A regatta timer is a strange and profoundly specific chronograph intended for use in sail boat races, or regattas, henceforth the name. For those completely new to cruising (I’m lifting my own hand, here) a yacht or boat race doesn’t start from a dead stop, as in, say, a 100 yard run by walking. All the boats in a race are allowed a brief admonition, and a colossal key component of the regatta becomes how to situate yourself once those 10 minutes are up and you’re permitted to cross the beginning line when the race really starts. Regatta timers have been around in the watch world for quite a while, and are intended to give you an unmistakable view initially the amount of that 10 minutes has passed.

On the Regatta Countdown from Frederique Constant, each passing moment fills one of five circles in the top portion of the dial, first from white to blue, and afterward from blue to orange. On the off chance that you’re part of a team on a dashing yacht, you can look at your wrist while you’re raising or bringing your sails down to stand firm on or propel your situation and have a very smart thought of precisely how long is left before the race formally starts. While this is unquestionably a specialty complication, you don’t should be a regatta member to exploit a timer like this. Anything that requires 10 minutes or less, or that you need to require 10 minutes or less, can be planned with this complication.

The other portion of the Yacht Timer assortment is the new Yacht Timer GMT, which in this cycle is a rich interpretation of probably the sportiest complication. On the off chance that the Regatta Countdown brings to mind the fervor and quick activity of a boat race, the Yacht Timer GMT makes one think about a significant distance journey where following different time regions may be a need. Obviously, and this abandons saying, a yacht isn’t needed here by the same token. However, Frederique Constant is taking advantage of a thought of a tasteful with this little assortment, giving their clients a trace of extravagance in a bundle that’s quite pragmatic.

A nearby assessment of the press pictures gave uncovers a couple of intriguing qualities of these watches past the remarkable complications. To start with, the dials are extraordinarily multifaceted and contribute an incredible arrangement to causing us to accept that we’re taking a gander at the marginally raised instruments Frederique Constant is selling. The hobnail finish on every one of these watches is engaging and truly very much done. Furthermore, the utilization of shading is phenomenal. The moving round planning pointers on the Regatta Countdown give a huge load of visual interest and give the watch a bit of easygoing energy. On the Yacht Timer GMT, especially the two-tone variation on a wristband, the red tipped GMT hand, charcoal dial, and rose gold completion all around function admirably together.

The Yacht Timer GMT and the Yacht Timer Regatta Countdown are both accessible now on Frederique Constant’s site in an assortment of designs, blending dial tones, lashes, arm bands, and wraps up. Frederique Constant

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