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Introducing the EDC Watch Pouch by Worn & Wound

Introducing the EDC Watch Pouch by Worn & Wound


The EDC assortment of watch cases were intended to be present day, fun and useful. Utilizing tough materials like 1000D nylon guarantees they’ll hold up, while others like neoprene give both cushioning and versatility to getting merchandise. They additionally take into consideration cool and in vogue shading combinations. Today, we’re eager to report the most up to date expansion to this line, the EDC Watch Pouches.

Inspired by the utility of the EDC Watch Fold, we needed to simplify a, stripped down and more moderate form that would handily fit in pack or even a pocket. The Watch Pouch comprises of a twofold sided 1000D nylon shell, with differentiating inside and outside tones, a neoprene pocket and a length of stun string that keeps it shut. Just force the nylon fold free from the line and slip a watch into the stretchy, however secure neoprene head first, set the fold back and you’re all set. We balanced the base to eliminate abundance material and reverberation the state of a watch.

The EDC Watch Pouch is accessible in two particular shading approaches to begin: Burgundy and Gray. The Burgundy Pouch includes a black outside with an olive inside, burgundy neoprene pocket and a spotted olive stun rope. The combo is dull and quieted, with a cutting edge appeal.

The Olive and Burgundy combo is quieted, however fun Shock string for secure conclusion toss it in your sack and go Watches slide directly in and stay set up gratitude to the neoprene

The Gray Pouch includes a teal outside with a yellow inside, dim neoprene pocket and a yellow stun rope spotted with red features. This one is fun and brilliant, and will truly stand apart within a bag.

Bright yellow makes contents pop Teal, yellow and gray… incredible combo Neoprene extends to fit things other than looks too! Simply slip the fold under the line and you’re great

The EDC Watch Pouches are made in the USA, directly in our old neighborhood of NYC and are accessible now at  for $49. Get yours today!