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Introducing the De Rijke & Co. Amalfi Series 1S, a Watch for the Open Road

Introducing the De Rijke & Co. Amalfi Series 1S, a Watch for the Open Road


You decide to ride a 1962 Vespa out traveling that should not be taken lightly down the Old Silk Road—yeah, that one—and to monitor time, you purchase an old Russian Vostok wristwatch.

But the genuine products of the trip—besides the experience? The Vespa and the watch have motivated you to make your own watch. In particular, a driver’s watch.

That’s the abbreviated form of the story behind youngster Dutch brand proprietor Laurens de Rijke’s Amalfi Limited Edition Series 1S (99 pieces). Says de Rijke, “I attempted to discover the harmony between the watch being a gem at the one hand and being a (practical) apparatus at the other hand.”

De Rijke is a design engineer, as am I, so I have an intense appreciation for a couple of his design points.

First, the 38-millimeter case is sheer Bauhaus—a slight bezel coupled with a colossal dial tucked underneath a pleasantly domed sapphire gem with antireflective coating.

Second, the carries are strong as opposed to being furnished with spring bars. This welcomes an interesting tie connection strategy. The lash enters the carry from underneath, folds back upon itself through an attendant, and secures with such a catch common to other calfskin products. This makes the lash rapidly interchangeable with continuous ties, for example, mil-ties. Honestly, I’d stay with the craftsman made production line lash because of its unusual—and very attractive—appearance. Besides, de Rijke guarantees extra ties of shifting lengths.

Third, and maybe interesting to this watch, is simply the construction of the case. Estimating 38 millimeters in breadth and 9.5 millimeters tall, the instance of the Series 1S is really a case inside a case. The development, dial, and so on are contained inside the internal component, which turns up to 90 degrees. The crown goes about as the stop at one or the flip side of rotational travel. You can have 12 o’clock straightforwardly “north” between the upper drags, situated at the “three o”clock” position inside the case, or anyplace in between.

Now, with the Series 1S being a driver’s watch, a supported position might be 12:00 situated at 45 degrees to the haul direction. This position makes the watch more comprehensible initially on your wrist as you explore your way as it were.

The break on one side of the crown is engraved with the model name and the Limited Edition number of piece. At this composition, you may in any case have the option to demand the number you’d like to have. The break on the contrary side is accessible for individual etching. Ask with De Rijke & Co. at the point when you put in your request.

The dark lacquered dial isn’t pretty much as extra as the case would suggest. In the first place, it’s gigantic, twofold case construction regardless (I’m a sucker for colossal dials with slight bezels). The hands are tightened and skeletonized (for future lume consideration, according to the public statement). The applied hour markers are silver plated and hand loaded up with paint. Two hands and markers are of a solitary design reasoning. This gives the Series 1S an appealing, bound together look.

The engine murmuring underneath is the Soprod M100 (previously known as the A10-2), Soprod’s form of the 2892-A2, which can be examined through the sapphire case back.

All in all, the De Rijke & Co. Amalfi Series 1S is an extraordinarily up-to-date newcomer to a type maybe under-appreciated—the driver’s watch. Time to pull on the driving gloves, fire up the Triumph TR-4A, and see what she’s got!

The Series 1S is presently being amassed on an order by order premise as de Rijke works out the details for definite creation. Lead time is around two months, and the cost for the De Rijke & Co. Amalfi Series 1S is €2495, including VAT.   De Rijke & Co.