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Introducing the Café Collection from BREW Watch Co.

Introducing the Café Collection from BREW Watch Co.

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Recently, BREW Watch Co. gotten back with their third arrangement of watches named the Café Collection. This most recent from the brand comprises of two watches, both fairly a takeoff from past deliveries (in any case, the individuals who have followed the brand will surely see the transformative track of the design).

The first of the two is the Latté, which includes a white dial, and the second is the Classic Espresso, which has a dark dial. Both come housed in a two-tone case, where a rose-gold bezel sits on a brushed hardened steel mid-case. Thinness is the situation here, which is the reason planner Jonathan Ferrer went with a Ronda 1069 Slimtech quartz development (that, and it helps hold the cost down). The body of evidence quantifies simply 7mm tall against a width of 38mm, so the extents are right on target. The lugless plan likewise helps pull in things a lot, and the bowl shape gives the watch an incredible ergonomic on-the-wrist feel. A domed sapphire proceeds with the adjusted lines of the case. In general, the plan is expertly controlled, even down to the more modest crown that, notwithstanding its size, is not difficult to control.

Then there’s the dial. The principal thing that attracts your eye is the sub-seconds dial over six, from which concentric sections (or waves, as Ferrer calls them) transmit out across the aggregate of the dial. Then you have the brushed tear hands that are totally combined against the lists, which are longer from nine to three to adjust the weightier lower segment of the dial. Along the actual edge of the dial is a part ring with bigger markings for the minutes/seconds, something that’s to a great extent pointless here to the extent neatness or encouraging timekeeping go, however it is nevertheless outwardly engaging. The “BREW” logo is imprinted on the gem, yet more on that detail a little later.


We were lent a model to test drive, and that’s what you’re seeing here. There will, nonetheless, be a few changes to the last creation run. The BREW logo will be moved from the gem to the dial. I very enjoyed the drifting logo, however the imprinting on the precious stone was somewhat unpleasant and I can envision adjusting the logo effectively each time would be a bad dream, so I comprehend the change. The lashes will likewise have straight closures rather than bended ones so they fit better working on it. Also, the lash won’t have the metal stud toward the end, yet it will hold the remainder of the rose-gold hardware.

It goes nearly without saying, yet this is unquestionably a greater amount of unisex plan than BREW’s past watches were, with the size and the matching of tones (particularly the set up highlighted here) adding to that. We don’t regularly will expound on watches that we would wholeheartedly recommend ladies test, yet this one would positively finish that assessment. Just to add my feedback, I’d love to see other tones utilized for the two-tone case. I think the establishment of the plan is a solid stage for experimentation, and there are bunches of cool two-tone combinations conceivable here to give the watch a very surprising look.

The Café Collection is presently on Kickstarter , with all the Early Bird alternatives gone. Nonetheless, you can in any case get one for $195, with the normal conveyance date scheduled for January, 2018.