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Introducing The Airain Type 20 Reissue

Introducing The Airain Type 20 Reissue


One of the first French makers of the Type 20 chronograph is getting back with a reliable amusement of their 1950s Type 20 plan. Airain was among those providing French pilots with standard issue flyback chronographs during the ‘50s and ‘60s, close by any semblance of Breguet, Dodane, and Mathey Tissot. The Type 20 followed guideline as gone ahead by the French Ministry of Defense and the subsequent plans have become famous plans in the legend of vintage military watches ready for reissue. With this specific Type 20 reissue, we get the watch, however the brand that delivered it.

Airain was one of a small bunch of unique makers providing watches to French pilots, and did as such under the domain of the brand Dodane. The list of capabilities of the Type 20 was characterized by the necessities of pilots working inside the simple cockpits of the day, and required the following:

  • A dark dial with registers at 3 and 6 o’clock with the capacity to follow as long as 30 minutes
  • Luminous hands and hours, which should have been Arabic numerals
  • A case width of ~38mm and thickness under 14mm
  • A chronograph complication with flyback functionality 
  • A pivoting 12 hour bezel
  • Accuracy to 8 seconds out of each day
  • A force hold of at any rate 35 hours

The Airain Type 20 addressed one of the more attractive takes on the above measures, yet the actual brand dropped off the radar in the years following the war. With the recovery of Airain’s sister brand Lebois & Co in 2014 by Dutch based Tom van Wijlick, the brand is situated to restore starting with its most conspicuous plans.

The new Type 20 from Airain, which is in pre-request stage, will be a dependable interpretation of the first, including meeting every one of the standards recorded previously. The one compromise recorded is to the case measurement, which Airain has moved to 39.5mm. To oversee hitting the amazing spec list, Airain has worked with La Joux-Perret S.A. to give the development, the type AM1. This is a hand wound, segment wheel chronograph with flyback usefulness and 55 hours of hold. No word on exactness, yet the point is plainly expressed to stay inside the bounds of the first Type 20 particular, so I’d anticipate that it should be inside 8 seconds a day. 

The Airain Type 20 nails the visual of the first, which is something worth being thankful for. It’s proportional and exceptionally intelligible in a gesture to the actual motivation behind these watches in any case. A hesalite gem is utilized to keep up the time frame right feel, while the level, 12 hour bezel runs the edge without separating a lot of consideration from the dial. 


In expansion to the standard dark dial, a restricted version Brown variation is being offered at a pre-request cost of $2,980. This will be restricted to only 134 pieces and truly boosts the old fashioned appeal of the design.

While Airain might not have the brand acknowledgment of Breguet or Mathey Tissot, this is a delightful interpretation of the first Type 20 that does its due best to satisfy the amazing principles set out in the ‘50s. What’s more, it does everything for around $3,000. The pre-request cost for the dark dial models is $2,920 with orders expected to transport in summer of 2021. This is a great deal of watch at that cost, paying little mind to the name on the dial. This one ends up having some set of experiences behind it and should set a solid point of reference of what’s to come from the brand pushing forward. More from Airain .