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Introducing Stone and Russet Model 2 Premium Straps at

Introducing Stone and Russet Model 2 Premium Straps at


The Model 2 Premium lashes are our go-to, regular ties. A stage up in completing from our Classic line, the Premiums highlight vegetable tanned covering cowhide, richly painted edges, hand-tied waxed cotton line ties and sumptuous top calfskins from probably the best tanneries on the planet. American-made, they rival ties double their value, looking as astonishing on a 50 year old vintage watch as an advanced device watch.

Today we’re developing our assortment of interesting tones with two new monochromatic, must-have lashes: Stone and Russet, the two of which are accessible now at

We’re large enthusiasts of dim here at Worn & Wound, so we’re eager to bring another shade into our assortment. Grays are inconspicuous and modern, adding sudden and in vogue notes to anything they are applied as well, making them an incredible choice to dark and earthy colored. Our new Stone Model 2 Premium is a medium dim with a general cool tone to it. The top calfskin is a Horween nubuck with exceptionally reliable shading, which we matched with steely dark bunches, dark edge paint and dark coating for a play in tones.

Russet is a tone we’ve really had previously, so we’re eager to revive it, this time in a brushed veg-tanned cowhide from Wickett & Craig. Dull, gritty and quieted, Russet is an inconspicuous earthy colored that complements pretty much everything. On vintage, it brings out lume, while on present day it keeps the actual watch at the cutting edge. We coordinated this cowhide with dull earthy colored twisted string and paint just as common coating for a predictable by and large resonance.

Stone and Russet Model 2 Premiums are accessible now in 18, 20 and 22mm at