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In Detail: Getting Flight-Ready With The Citizen Promaster Nighthawk

In Detail: Getting Flight-Ready With The Citizen Promaster Nighthawk


The apparatuses we use can motivate us to go past our cutoff points. We investigate our limits with certainty and study ourselves just as our general surroundings all the while. Resident has since a long time ago created apparatuses that enable us to arrive, and the Promaster Nighthawk is no special case. The Nighthawk is immediately viable enough for ordinary use, and powerful enough in its list of capabilities to handle exceptionally specialized use cases in flight, and on the ground. It does the entirety of this in style and comfort, also at an astounding worth.

The Citizen Promaster Nighthawk presents as all-business, highlighting a dark steel case estimating 42mm in distance across. A dark dial has high difference data in white, keeping every component as neat as could be expected. Enormous Arabic hour numerals make timekeeping a breeze with a novel 24 hour show worked inside the left half of the dial. A semi-roundabout ring peruses off 24 hours at two levels where one of two pieces of a similar hand will peruse off the second timezone. 

At the dial’s edge things get considerably really intriguing. It is here you’ll discover a slide rule with inside and outside scales that can be controlled through the crown at the 2 o’clock position. This permits the wearer to rapidly ascertain velocities and distances, just as compute fuel utilization and utilization rates with only a couple bits of information. It’s outdated, yet its consideration adds some genuine character to the Nighthawk that will without a doubt fill in as motivation for the most inquisitive among us.

The Promaster Nighthawk utilizes Citizen’s splendid Eco-Drive innovation, which means it can bridle energy from any light source. This is innovation that Citizen has been wonderful since the ‘70s, and guarantees you’ll never be without adequate influence when you need it most. 

Even with the abundance of innovation and complication offered here, the Nighthawk is still especially wearable, checking in at a simple 47mm from drag tip to haul tip and under 13mm in tallness. This is a watch with presence, however not to the detriment of disrupting everything. It’s there when you need it. The calfskin lash is the ideal companion to the case, keeping with the dark topic, and above all, flexible and comfortable. 

The Citizen Promaster Nighthawk is valued at $396 straightforwardly from Citizen. Visit for additional subtleties on this and different models.