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Hunting Down a Seiko 6105-8000

Hunting Down a Seiko 6105-8000


The one that got away—we all have one (the greater part of us most likely have a couple). We canvassed this in a scene of The Worn & Wound Podcast a year ago, talking about the watches we sold and lamented, that we gave uniquely to grieve our folly, or pieces quickly exchanged away quest for another object of friendship just to acknowledge, regularly past the point of no return, that the grass is consistently greener. I cherished tuning in to that scene; it caught the brief idea of watch gathering and exchanging. It additionally carried a couple of pieces to mind for me: the Jo Siffert Autavia I didn’t have $2,500 for at that point, a watch I held up years to get then flipped when the market was “high” just to acknowledge it was just beginning, and the numerous Speedmasters I’ve overlooked for a really long time.

Of those, none truly annoyed at me like the Seiko 6105-8000 Proof/Proof I’d exchanged away. Different pieces were openings, cool watches to wear, or provenance pieces deserving of a story over a 16 ounces, however the 6105 engaged me on an individual level. Its military history and association with an ageless film, its style, and its place among Seiko’s rich plunge watch history were all huge pluses in my book.

The first of Seiko’s 6105 watches came in quite a while, the 6105-8000 and 6105-8009. Both element an even pad case, dissimilar to the later 6105-8110/8119, which has an uneven case. Contrasts between the 8000/8009 forms are “Water Proof” versus “Water Resist” on the dials and case backs (in this manner the “Proof/Proof,” “Proof/Resist,” and “Resist/Resist” assignments regularly found in deals postings). Additionally, the 6105-8009 advantages from the updated 6105B development that additional hacking to the 17-gem base caliber.

My unique 6105 was  my second invasion into vintage watches and my first historically speaking jump watch. I ached for it for some time lastly flew for one following a couple of dry a long time for watch acquisitions. I in a split second adored how the pad case wore, nestling against my 7.25-inch wrist. I additionally cherished the manner in which it looked, and I would frequently respect the case and dial at whatever point I did a period check. It turned into my every day wearer for everything that incidentally didn’t include water. At the point when it came time to go on an outing to Vietnam and Cambodia for almost a month, it appeared to be just fitting that the Seiko make the outing with me given its standing with warriors who’d served there. I wore it almost the whole time I was in Vietnam and it shows up in a horde of photographs from that trip.

A few months after I returned, nonetheless, I saw that the watch was investing increasingly more energy in the watch box. I’d been investing a ton of energy in/on the water and I was going after watches with the legitimate water obstruction that I didn’t need to stress over. At the point when a companion startlingly proposed an exchange for a contemporary jump watch he realized I’d been attempting to procure for quite a long time, I couldn’t leave it behind, and off went my 6105. Yet, that’s not the finish of that story.

Even as I consented to the exchange, my aim was to buy another 6105-8000/8009 sooner rather than later. I realized an advanced plunge watch was more commonsense and would get the lion’s portion of wrist time (that part wound up venturing to every part of the country with me on a yearlong excursion and was the watch I wore), however the 6105 was nostalgic. Costs were sensible and I watched out for the discussions, continually saying, “I should get one soon, yet there’s no surge . . . ” Little did I know.

Early in 2017, barely two years subsequent to exchanging away my 6105, I started my quest for another vigorously just to be confused at the cost having dramatically increased. I snuck, set alarms, made offers, and even contacted the companion who I’d exchanged with. There was no chance to get around it. The market had changed. I attempted to rotate, diving into the 70m-cased younger siblings of the 6105, in the end obtaining a 6117-8000 NavigatorTimer GMT . It got one of my top choices, yet it didn’t scratch the 6105 tingle. The chase continued.

Finally, in mid-Fall, I discovered one model on eBay that looked perfect. I immersed the dealer with a wide range of inquiries; I needed to ensure it wasn’t unrealistic. eBay is a minefield for vintage watches , and you must be particularly cautious with vintage Seiko. The 6105 on the whole its variations is overflowing with redials, reseller’s exchange hands, terrible adjusting, and problematic venders.

The merchant was forthcoming. This 6105 was a Proof/Proof he’d found at a domain deal the earlier week, and it was as yet on the first waffle tie. The dial, hands, and lume looked stunning—in truth, it looked so great that I was worried about validness. However, following a late night pixel-peeping on all the photographs gave, everything looked at. Truth be told, it seemed as though the waffle lash had broken at the opening the first proprietor utilized and he’d put it in a cabinet never to be taken out again. Or possibly that was the account that began framing in my mind. I concluded it merited the danger and off went a PayPal payment.

When eBay cautioned me that the 6105-8000 had shown up, I was energized, yet additionally apprehensive that I’d just allegorically lit a sizeable measure of cash ablaze. My bet had paid off and taken care of well. The watch was almost immaculate. The dial looked almost fresh out of the plastic new with delicate maturing of the glowing paint on the files loaning a consoling authenticity.

The dial of the 6105-8000/8009 is one of my very top choices from Seiko’s index. The files are striking, lume-filled square shapes with applied silver encompasses. The Seiko logo is applied too. Stick hour and moment hands contact their particular lists and are combined with an unmistakable “stop light” second hand for extra legibility.

In the universe of vintage watches, a pined for piece can quick become unobtanium. While I paid more for this model than I accomplished for my initial one, I am glad that I had the option to locate another, and this time in surprisingly better condition. I positively have become more insightful about what parts leave the assortment as a result.

For me, the unavoidable issue has become whether I’ll wear it in the manner I do my different watches. It runs well, yet given its condition, I need to accept it’s never been adjusted, so I’ll treat it as such until it’s shipped off for quite a while at the spa. With these more established pieces becoming increasingly hard to track down, there is a guardian angle that needs to in any event be thought of. When it’s back, I’ll choose if it’s going to get the instrument watch treatment. As is commonly said, time will tell.

Photography by Jon Gaffney