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Holiday Roundup 2020 Edition

Holiday Roundup 2020 Edition


We’re almost there, watch fam. 2020 has been something to really remember and as we anticipate a more brilliant 2021, it’s time we delay and assess some Christmas related stories on out. Gracious, you didn’t think Christmas themed watches were a thing? All things considered, tie in on the grounds that we’ve got a couple of lookers coming up for you. As a little something extra, we’re bringing back one of our top choices that clears up some plot openings in everyone’s most loved Christmas film, Die Hard .

Konstantin Chaykin Santa 2021 Special Edition 

Sometimes you simply need to incline toward senseless subjects, and if there’s a watchmaker that realizes how to do precisely that, it’s Konstantin Chaykin. This season, the Russian watchmaker uncovered a Santa themed variation on his renowned Joker watch stage. There’s a facial hair growth, a red nose, glasses, and even a cap. The plan utilizes the recognizable meandering eyes as controller hours and minutes, and a wide grin consolidating a moonphase complication. The outcome is an amazing piece of mechanical creativity based on an adjusted ETA 2824 base. In the event that you don’t require anything not as much as Santa gazing back at you when you check the time, here’s your ticket.


It appears as though Santa’s had a difficult time of it this year also with the SWATCH HoHoOuch . This clear Swatch watch portrays Santa landing square on the focal point of the dial, face down, sending breaks to the dial’s edge. Indeed, it darkens a large part of great importance and moment hands, yet it’s a commendable cost to pay for something so occasionally proper in a year like 2020. Also, it’s simply more than $100.

The unforeseen job of TAG Heuer in Die Hard

As you clear your path through your rundown of occasion films and unavoidably show up at Die Hard, which is probably extremely close to the top, you may see a couple niggles in the plot. Apostasy, you say? All things considered, turns out there is one detail that didn’t make it past the altering room that would have made the plot even more water/air proof. The missing component was a scene including some TAG Heuer watches worn by the baddies, on the grounds that off base it did. Make up for lost time with this story from Ilya here .

Nick Offerman’s ‘Yule Log’

Chances are you might be spending the occasion alone. More regrettable still, perhaps you just aren’t jiving with your family this year. Whatever your sitch, Nick Offerman and Lagavulin have you covered with some straightforward, tranquil company. The most ideal sort of company. Like Ron Swanson’s most loved stylist, not a word will be expressed. Get comfortable with a glass of your #1 bourbon and make the most of your Christmas with Nick Offerman .