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Hodinkee’s Latest Collaboration with Blancpain Is a Stripped Down Version of the Fifty Fathoms MIL-SPEC

Hodinkee’s Latest Collaboration with Blancpain Is a Stripped Down Version of the Fifty Fathoms MIL-SPEC


Hodinkee declared their most recent cooperation recently. That’s a sentence that people who do this stuff professionally have needed to become accustomed to composing – including today’s declaration, Hodinkee has dispatched five coordinated efforts since late October. That’s an exceptionally full fall season, and those new watches are very differed in their styles and value focuses. The watch we’ll be taking a gander at today, another jumper made in organization with Blancpain, feels like a year-end quill in the cap – a pull out all the stops project with an emphasis on getting the subtleties on the money. Let’s investigate the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms MIL-SPEC Limited Edition.

If this watch looks familiar to you, it’s most likely on the grounds that it bears a striking similarity to the Tribute to Fifty Fathoms MIL-SPEC , released in 2017. The Fifty Fathoms is a monstrously significant watch throughout the entire existence of plunge watches, and similarly as with any device watch, those created for the military are profoundly wanted by collectors. The Fifty Fathoms was embraced by the French and U.S. Naval forces during the 1950s, and ultimately discovered its way to the wrist of Jacques Yves Cousteau and other genuine, proficient divers. 

The characterizing normal for those early MIL-SPEC watches, one shared by the new MIL-SPEC LE, is the white and orange dampness marker on the dial. The manner in which it works is moderately simple – if dampness gets into the case, the white portion of the circle starts to turn orange. On the off chance that you peer down at your watch and see a full orange circle, you know you’re in for a costly assistance. This, obviously, isn’t just embellishment – the dampness marker really works. 

There are a few significant changes to the new Hodinkee MIL-SPEC that separate it from Blancpain’s prior restricted version. This new watch has been given a brushed completion instead of the profoundly cleaned look of the past watch, and the date has been eliminated. Blancpain’s brand signature on the 9:00 case flank has likewise been eliminated. To put it plainly, the Hodinkee translation of the MIL-SPEC is definitely more toolish than the to some degree luxury version that was released in 2017, and that’s positively with regards to other Hodinkee LEs that we’ve seen for the current year, and in years past. 

While the Fifty Fathoms MIL-SPEC Limited Edition has a huge load of vintage and device watch character, the development driving it is completely present day. The Blancpain 1154 programmed development has a multi day power hold and a silicon balance spring, and is in plain view through a show caseback. The Blancpain and Hodinkee logos are engraved on the rotor, which is strong gold however gotten done with a dim, platinum determined NAC covering, maybe the single most downplayed highlight of the watch (and, additionally, an element on the first 2017 LE). 

The Fifty Fathoms MIL-SPEC Limited Edition retails for $14,400, and just 250 pieces will be made. 200 have been apportioned to the Hodinkee Shop (and have just sold out), and the rest of be sold at Blancpain stores. For more data, look at the Hodinkee Shop here .