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HMT to Celebrate Its Watchmaking Legacy With a Museum

HMT to Celebrate Its Watchmaking Legacy With a Museum


HMT Watches once commanded more than 90% of India’s wristwatch market, yet when it covered its entryways in 2016 few were left amazed. The watch division of HMT, the company previously consolidated by the Indian government in 1953 as a maker of machine apparatuses, had been battling monetarily for longer than 10 years before its conclusion. Competition was destroying important piece of the overall industry, and HMT was delayed to react. The Indian government settled on the choice to downsize things in 2014, and afterward two years after the fact it was no more.

But presently, as indicated by The Hindu , with an end goal to get the significant tradition of India’s one-time biggest wristwatch make, HMT is wanting to raise a wristwatch and clock gallery in Bengaluru, India that will commend the brand’s long and celebrated history. Development on the likely named HMT Heritage Center and Museum is presently ongoing.

When it opens guests can hope to be blessed to receive showcases of not a few, but rather all models at any point produced by HMT. Also, the historical center will highlight devices, machines, schematics, and a wide range of HMT-related ephemera from over the years.

Altogether, this is a beautiful cool exertion to ensure the tale of one of India’s most significant watchmakers keeps on being told.