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Hanhart Introduces the Limited Edition Pioneer One in Bronze

Hanhart Introduces the Limited Edition Pioneer One in Bronze


Hanhart is back with their most recent restricted version, and you’ll need to fast in the event that you intend to grab one of these, as they’ll just be making 150 altogether. The last Hanhart LE we outlined for you, a joint effort with the Rake , end up being unbelievably mainstream, and this version shares a comparable look and feel, short that edition’s chronograph complication. This watch, displayed on the exemplary 417, the principal pilot chronograph utilized by the German Armed Forces during the 1950s, is a stripped down bronze pilot’s watch that promptly transports to some other time and spot. Let’s investigate the new Pioneer One Bronze. 

Hanhart, for some, is related principally with chronographs, so it’s striking to see a restricted release model without a particularly fundamental component for the brand, yet the subsequent moderate dial has an unmistakable allure. Not just has Hanhart stripped the Pioneer One Bronze of a chronograph, yet they’ve eliminated the date also, which is as yet present on the standard rendition of the Pioneer One. To make this watch extraordinary, Hanhart has utilized their authentic logo, in a rich content typeface, and put it close to the 12:00 position. The remainder of the dial is standard pilot’s watch charge, with huge Arabic numerals running along an inside track, and a more modest minutes track characterized by hash imprints and Arabics like clockwork. The olive green dial is a dreary and repressed tone, which appears to be fitting for a watch propelled by one worn by military assistance members. 

The part of this watch that’s liable to stand out enough to be noticed from fans and aficionados is the bronze case. Hanhart has utilized CuSn8 bronze for an especially warm tone, and every proprietor can anticipate that unique patina should come to fruition as they wear it and oxidation unavoidably grabs hold. With a 42mm width and a 12mm case tallness, this watch makes certain to have the presence of a cutting edge sports watch. Hanharts brand name fluted bezel with a red marker at 12:00 for the most effortless conceivable direction is held in this restricted release, and adds the perfect measure of old-school engage you need for a watch like this without going overboard. 

Under the hood (or, behind the sandblasted treated steel caseback) beats a Sellita SW 200 programmed development. Hanhart discloses to us that the rotor is tweaked with the Hanhart logo, yet we’ll need to trust them, as the caseback is completely shut. We’re fine with that choice on a vintage roused instrument watch this way, in any case, and it furnishes Hanhart with the chance to record the individual restricted release number on the caseback, just as an extra portrayal of the chronicled Hanhart logo. 

The Pioneer One Bronze can be requested right now on Hanhart’s site at an expense of 1,190.00 EUR, comprehensive of VAT update: has immediately sold out. Convey is scheduled to start February 15. Hanhart