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Hands-On With The Seiko Prospex SPB187

Hands-On With The Seiko Prospex SPB187


Seiko jump watches have had somewhat of a renaissance lately. On the off chance that you’re a customary around here you’ve no uncertainty took note. Gone are the SKX models that probably got a large number of us into the side interest, leaving us with clear (ish) portions of jumpers from the Seiko 5 Sport to very good quality SLA models. Goodness, and there’s a great deal in the middle. The SRPs, SPBs, and SLAs can be hard to separate now and again, however Seiko is preparing for a more vigorous future for their jump watches, via reviving their past. We’ve seen this never really impact with watches like the SPB149 and SPB153, and their most recent, a descendent of the 6159 genealogy, the SPB187.

Zach Weiss presented to you a compact glance at the SPB187 and SPB185, just as where they fit into the master plan of Seiko jumpers, when they were uncovered here , and Zack Kazan gave us some viewpoint on what the SPB149 and SPB153 mean in the more extensive setting of Seiko jumpers here . On the off chance that you’re left scratching your head at the letter/number plate of mixed greens, you’re not the only one, we’re in critical need of certain monikers here, people. 


Hands-On With The Seiko Prospex SPB187

Case Stainless Steel with DiaShield Movement Seiko 6R35 Dial Blue Lume Lumibright Lens Sapphire Strap Steel Bracelet Water Resistance 200m Dimensions 42×47.5mm Thickness 13mm Lug Width 20mm Crown Screw Down Warranty Yes Price $1200

The SPB187 may discover its motivation in the vaunted reference 6159, however it contrasts in one major way and that’s the takeoff from the monobloc steel case the first was known for. On the off chance that that’s a significant element for you, look at the SLA021 (and prepare your wallet). Or maybe, the SPB187 is a multi-piece development with a screw in caseback and marginally more wearable measurements, estimating in at 42mm in distance across and 48.5mm from haul tip to drag tip. Thickness is a hair over 13mm, making this a wearable average size jumper. Numbers aside, this is an extremely simple watch to wear, and conveys with it an appeal verifiable to the genealogy of extraordinary Seiko divers. 

The actual case gets an intriguing profile, tightening to a little brushed case divider prior to calculating to the bezel and caseback on one or the other side. It’s formed such that shrouds a significant part of the weight on the wrist and makes an assortment of surfaces, both brushed and cleaned, to get light. Looking starting from the top you can see the chamfer running the length of the case, with just a little level of the brushed haul surface extra. It’s forceful in appearance and conveys a close to approach measure of visual load as the actual dial. Another case include you can’t precisely see is the DiaShield application for added hardness and scratch obstruction.

The case stays the greatest differentiator between the SPB187, the SPB149, and the SPB153 (and their different colorways). The 153, or ‘Willard’ as it’s known, conveys a huge level pad case that makes it maybe the most stunning of the pack (however you could contend, the coolest), gazing directly out of the domain of the vintage. Moreover, the 149 conveys with it a thin, skin-jumper esque look that lines up with the 62MAS, seeming coy by differentiation to the next two. At last, the 187 seen here is the most extraordinary regarding time, looking as current as could be expected here. The forcefully cut and formed case will be similarly just about as shaking as the pad instance of the 153. The 149 feels the most agreeable to my eye, yet the 187 unmistakably inclines current.

Moving toward the dial, the SPB187 gets a dark aluminum bezel embed matched with a dim blue dial, while the SPB 185 gets a steel bezel addition and dark dial. Seen here the SPB187 gets excellent grades for differentiation and decipherability (nothing unexpected for a Seiko jumper of any stripe), with all the other things tumbling to the foundation. The shade of the dial is curbed however obvious in the correct light, while the tip of the seconds hand, with a stoplight style configuration, presents a limited quantity of red that it’s simple to go unnoticed initially. It’s a detail you’ll come to appreciate as a source of perspective to the noteworthy model it’s dependent on, and for its execution here as a way to present some color. 

A date window shows up at 3 o’clock with a dark on white circle under. The 6159 had a similar position, however the SPB187 acquires a little remainder of the trimmed off hour marker, with a bit of lume between the opening and the dial’s edge. It even gets its own steel encompass, making a lot of visual strain at 3 o’clock. It’s important the press pictures didn’t show this piece of lume, and neither the SPB149 or SPB153 share this component. While not a major issue it is a speedy that, when seen, is difficult to un-notice.

The wristband on proposal from Seiko here is the most un-exceptional component of the SPB187. Being used, it’s sufficiently comfortable, which is the only thing that is important. While not being used, the wristband is somewhat on the rattley side, missing the mark concerning what we’ve seen from any semblance of Christopher Ward and Monta. Fortunately, Seiko jumpers are notable lash beasts and the 187 is no exception.  But on the off chance that you’re the arm band type, this one will take care of business, regardless of whether it doesn’t leave you inspired. 

Seiko is utilizing their 6R35 programmed type in the SPB187 and SPB185, similarly as you’ll find in other mainstream Prospex models in this value range. The development takes into account hacking and fast date setting, and gives a great 70 hours of hold. Exactness is – 15/+25 seconds of the day yet noticed we discovered it performing great inside that range. 

The SPB185 and SPB187 are evaluated $1,200, setting in a similar domain as both the 149 and 153, making a determination of only one that a lot harder. Each are diverse enough in their plan language and chronicled worship, in any case, that arrival on a most loved will effectively come down to individual inclination. For my cash, the SPB149 is as yet the reasonable decision of the bundle, yet the 185 and 187 offer a compelling, abnormally new interpretation of Seiko jump watch recipe. Seiko Luxe