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Hands-On With The New Zenith Chronomaster Sport & The 1/10th Second El Primero

Hands-On With The New Zenith Chronomaster Sport & The 1/10th Second El Primero


Zenith is getting back to their Chronomaster Sport assortment with the presentation of 2 new El Primero fitted chronographs that set another pace for the brand. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen another Chronomaster Sport, and the new execution adopts a customary strategy to the idea that is obviously focused on a portion of the staples of the classification. Being a Zenith El Primero, it has the advantage of a strong legacy fabricated right in. It additionally has a surely known plan language to incline toward, which Zenith strolls a barely recognizable difference in doing while as yet moving the El Primero into new domain.

The Chronomaster Sport has consistently been among the more reformist executions of the El Primero, fast to adjust to new patterns (regardless), and fit for mesh new clients who esteem advancement in their watches. The 2015 deliveries estimated 45mm in distance across and a corpulent 14+mm in thickness and included larger than average hour producers and hands combined with squat, fairly unconventional numerals inside the sub dials. The tricolor shading plan was nixed for a uniform appearance shading coordinated to the dial. While attractive in certain regards, it fell into an uncomfortable area with regards to the El Primero name. 

The new Chronomaster Sport line bodes well initially. Delivering 2 varieties, the new watch is right away unmistakable as a Zenith El Primero chronograph, and has in excess of a passing similarity to the current Rolex Daytona (ref. 116500) because of an unmistakable dark clay bezel matched to your decision of white or dark dials. Obviously, a form of the El Primero development showed up inside the Daytona for a very long time (ref. 16520), so you could contend it’s a fitting likeness that’s been procured. Fortunately, the Daytona is a very gorgeous watch.

Being a Zenith, this isn’t precisely your standard chronograph, varying from a watch like the Daytona in a couple of significant ways. The most prominent is simply the chronograph, which in the Chronomaster Sport makes a full outing around the dial in only 10 seconds, following every 10th of a second en route. You’ll notice the strange design of the bezel to take into consideration this estimation, which replaces a more conventional tachymeter that you’d generally find possessing this domain. It’s not exactly as extreme as the Land Rover 21 we showed you here , yet it’s ostensibly more valuable in estimating the kinds of things typical people need to measure. 


The actual dial is overwhelmed by three larger than average registers that get the tri-tone treatment we know and love from Zenith. Here they are delivered in blue, anthracite, and light dark. The rest of the dial is an activity in restriction, with only moment and second hashes showing up between the applied hour mallet, which are sloped and cleaned themselves. A date gap shows up at 4:30 and is shading coordinated to the dial. The straightforward dial with noticeable, readable hands and hour markers review the seldom seen De Luca off the last part of the ’80s and early ’90s, which is something excellent. That watch is a story for one more day, however it’s invigorating to see Zenith reference such zones of their set of experiences to such effect. 

The steel case estimates 41mm in width and wears all of that on the wrist on account of the noticeable bezel. The carries take a forceful however uniform bend toward the wrist with a precarious cleaned chamfer running their edge. Starting from the top this limits the haul impressively, and structures the watch around the wrist, viably concealing its ~14mm thickness. Generally it wears well, and if you’re the sort that finds the Daytona too little, this ought to be ideal for you. Also, you may really have the option to get one of these.

Inside the Chronomaster Sport sits the El Primero 3600 beating at 5 hz and offering 60 hours of save. It’s a similar development we saw in 2019’s Chronomaster 2 Limited Edition discharge, a watch fundamentally the same as the one we see here, however more theoretical in execution. The Chronomaster Sport is a normal creation model, showing up for the 3600. The development is noticeable through a show caseback, and keeping in mind that not wonderful, it’s surely fascinating. As noticed, the chronograph peruses off every 10th of a second, and does so through pinion appended to the actual escapement (instead of getting from the stuff train). There are 3,600 seconds in 60 minutes, this development beats at 36,000 VpH, making the math simple from there. 

The new Chronomaster Sport will be offered on a steel clam style wristband with a cleaned focus interface. The brushed connections get a cleaned slant at their edge giving some visual profundity to the arm band in general. The quality of the wristband isn’t exactly fair and square that you’d find on the Daytona, yet it’s everyday useful. A texture lash is additionally on proposal in one or the other blue or dark relying upon dial shading that hopes to suit the general stylish a touch all the more properly. Indeed, it looks incredible on a nylon lash as well. 

The Chronomaster Sport will be evaluated from $9,500 on tie and $10,000 on wristband, and is accessible to arrange straightforwardly from Zenith, something we’ve always been unable to say about the Daytona.  More from Zenith .