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Hands-On With The New Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional

Hands-On With The New Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional


Following the declaration of their new Speedmaster a week ago , Omega has started revealing the primary examples to their fortunate new proprietors. As center models of the Speedmaster family, new Moonwatch Professional watches don’t come around time after time, so this is a groundbreaking event for fans and gatherers the same. Changes aren’t progressive, yet they are significant and undoubtedly striking. At the point when such a watch is delivered, it’s important to pull back from the significant legacy and make a judgment liberated from predisposition (as sure as it very well might be). Anyway, how does this Speedmaster hold up on its own right? We go involved with the Hesalite model on steel wristband to discover.


Hands-On With The New Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional

Case Stainless Steel Movement Omega Caliber 3861 Dial Matte Black Lume Super LumiNova Lens Hesalite Strap Tapered Steel Bracelet Water Resistance 50m Dimensions 42×47.2mm Thickness 13.5mm Lug Width 20mm Crown Pull Out Warranty 5 Years Price $6300

The Case

The Speedmaster has consistently been a watch hard to measure by the numbers alone. The Moonwatch Professional has consistently been 42mm on paper, yet it doesn’t truly wear like one. It’s a similar circumstance here, with the new watch wearing nearer to 40mm by and by. Estimating from bezel edge to bezel edge you’ll discover it is 40mm, with the case protruding a touch on either side representing the other 2 mm. Drag to haul the new Speedmaster estimates 47.2mm, making it a simple wear inside the limits of my ~7 inch wrist. 

The appearance is just about as clean as it looks on the wrist, thanks to some degree to the more recessed pushers which sit a lot further into their watchmen. Furthermore, the clean of the carry which makes the ‘twist’ shows up more compact than earlier models, with a less sensational bend starting from the top, yet a more emotional break toward the tip of the haul.

Sitting at only north of 13mm in thickness, the new Speedmaster isn’t a slender watch, yet it’s additionally not distractingly thick, particularly compared to different chronographs out there. The state of the mid case works effectively of concealing the thickest part and settles perfectly into the swell of the wrist. 

Overall, this is certifiably not a little watch, yet there are some reasonable plan contemplations that keep it sensible on the wrist. For hell’s sake, I’d venture to such an extreme as to say this is an out and out comfortable watch. Current and earlier Speedmaster proprietors will discover nothing to complain about here, and will probably discover quite possibly the most wearable bent carry Speedies ever.

The Dial

A look at the dial will uncover an extremely recognizable looking scene. It’s exemplary Speedmaster with registers at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock each settled into their recessed dish. Meager pencil hands track against lumed hour bars with the aloof marking imprinted on at 12 o’clock. Choosing the sapphire variation will get you an applied Omega mark, yet the printed fits fine and dandy in this application. 

A more intensive look and you’ll notice a couple of changes, nonetheless, that make a detectable move in the general appearance of the watch. First is the ventured dial, which makes its re-visitation of the Moonwatch following an almost long term nonattendance. It’s not a detail that jumps out at you but rather in the correct light adds a ton of character to the dial. 

Additionally, the quantity of hashes between the moment marks has been sliced down the middle, going from 4 to 2. I realize that seems like a small change yet the subsequent impact is substantial. It opens the dial up barely enough to deliver a portion of the pressure found in the earlier model, and keeping in mind that I presume this will be at the focal point of some discussion among lovers, it’s a welcome change in my book.

A sharp eye will likewise see a tear shape to the stabilizer of the circumstance seconds hand, which again presents somewhat milder than the made right finish of the active model. 

Each of these are little changes in their own right, yet combine to make an unmistakably thoroughly examined advancement to the Moonwatch. It’s unobtrusive, yet the inclination is unmistakable. These are the sorts of little changes you don’t truly see from a brand like Rolex, and sign a gesture to legacy without making a stride back. 

The bezel embed remains aluminum, and the lone change here is a major one for vintage aficionados. The dab denoting the number 90 on the tachymeter is set over the number (all the more precisely, the number is put beneath the speck), getting back to its legitimate DON roots. It’s somewhat like AP restoring their logo to 6 o’clock on the dial of the Jumbo: in the event that you know, you know. Some normal an artistic execution for the bezel, with aluminum feeling practically like a curiosity these days on watches in this value section, yet it’s a commonsense and welcome maintenance, as nothing inclined to breaking would wind up accompanying space explorers on their excursion.

The Movement

Perhaps the greatest change to the new Speedmaster is the development inside. It’s positively the most contended over, however as a general rule this move appears to be inescapable. This Speedmaster is fitted with Omega’s type 3861, and it brings a * grasps pearls * co-hub escapement to the Moonwatch Professional interestingly. Other than that, you’ll discover a great deal of similitudes to the active 1861 type. It’s hand wound, switch and cam worked chronograph that is currently hostile to attractive to 15,000 gauss, and is even METAS guaranteed, adding up to what in particular is unquestionably the most exact and competent Speedmaster Professionals ever built. 

It’s additionally an incredible looker, and should you select the Sapphire variation you’ll be blessed to receive a full perspective on it through a show back. This might be the single greatest factor pushing people to this model, yet there’s one more factor at play here that will settle on that choice an extreme one.

The Bracelet

Upon first holding the new Speedmaster the one thing that established the single greatest connection with me was the new wristband. In tasteful, yet in feel. This wristband is on point, and I have no uncertainty it will be the central consideration for current proprietors wavering about jumping to the new one.  First off, there’s emotional shape from the 20mm drag range to the 15mm catch. It’s recognizable first thing and feels totally smart on the wrist. The development is additionally first rate at a watch in the cost range, effectively framing over the wrist. It’s comparative in feel to Rolex’s Jubilee style arm band. So, it’s very good. 

If you select the Hesalite Speedmaster you’ll get a completely brushed arm band, and this is the single greatest move in appearance that ought to impact your choice. The Sapphire model gets cleaned complement joins between the three huge connections and will carry a style of essence to the watch that you could possibly appreciate.  The fasten itself gets 6 lines slicing through it which add some visual load to the generally smooth piece of steel. There are two change sticks inside for fitting, which is worthy given the size of the connections that can be removed. 

If you’re bantering between the tie and the wristband, I’d push you toward the last mentioned. Regardless of whether you’re not the sort to wear arm band I’d bet this would be an exemption. That’s not to say this one won’t look incredible on all way of lashes, since it unquestionably will, however the arm band is a reasonable choice for day by day wear.


So, would it be a good idea for you to purchase the new Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional? Indeed, that depends, obviously. It’s positively not a modest watch with a MSRP of $6,300, and if you’re perusing this chances are solid that you as of now have a Speedmaster or the like in your assortment. On the off chance that you don’t, I would not spare a moment to recommend this watch. Assuming, nonetheless, you do possess a Speedmaster, things get somewhat trickier. While extraordinary, the new model isn’t that sensational a move to legitimize adding it close by your present Speedy Pro. The wristband and the development are both large improvements, however in the event that you don’t focus on both of those things, you’re all set, and the new model ought to not the slightest bit reduce your pleasure in the more established model. On the off chance that those things are serious to you, it is unquestionably worth investigating taking an action to the new model. The dial changes and slimmer case are a pleasant reward and the DON is the clincher.

It’s simple to make fun of the ceaseless storm of LE Speedmasters that get delivered, as incredible as some of them might be. It tends to be similarly as simple to underestimate the first, yet at its center, the Moonwatch has held up surprisingly well over its life expectancy. The watch at question here has changed almost no throughout the long term, and this one may simply address the greatest change we’ve seen at this point. The progressions here are deliberate, and are finished with care to the watch’s extensive ancestry. This is development done right. It progresses the watch without compromising the first equation. What’s more, the development addresses a jump toward innovation, which isn’t consistently welcome, however it unquestionably fits with the narrative of this watch. As the caseback says: “Flight qualified by NASA in 1965 for all monitored space missions”. In the event that this one arrived around their work area to do once more, it’s difficult to envision an alternate outcome. 

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