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Hands-On With The New Modello Quattro U4-A, A Fixed Bezel Diver From Unimatic

Hands-On With The New Modello Quattro U4-A, A Fixed Bezel Diver From Unimatic


Unimatic keeps their foot on the gas with the arrival of another new model based upon their proven negligible jump watch layout. The freshest watch is the Modello Quattro ref. U4-A, and it addresses the start of a fourth group of watches from the Italian brand. The Quattro imparts likenesses to the OG Modello Uno watches, yet moves to a fixed bezel plan alongside getting various other unobtrusive, yet welcome changes. This is still unequivocally a Unimatic watch, so if you’re an aficionado of what they do, the U4-An ought to be directly right up your alley.

The mid-instance of the Quattro looks precisely what you’d find on other Unimatic jumpers in the Uno family, save for the hauls which presently sport bored openings at their end.  The element bodes well with regards to these watches and the ethos they buy in to, and is something numerous enthusiasts of the brand have been requesting. Another screw in caseback and bezel get together add a smidge of thickness to the case, knocking it to a still sensible 13.8mm. 

The transition to a fixed bezel yields more observable change both in feel and in appearance. The external edge of the bezel where you’d ordinarily discover a coin-edge surface for tightening the get together is currently a brushed chamfer, carrying the case distance across to an even 40mm all the while. This straightens out the presence of the watch also, drawing the point of convergence internal toward the dial. Seeing it close to a Modello Uno, you’d swear the survey region is more modest on the Quattro yet it stays at 29mm. The outside of the bezel is exposed, without any markings in sight. Simply a level, brushed surface sitting flush with the gem. This adds a tank-like appearance which is fitting given the ‘heavy-duty’ nature of this watch.

The dial is matte dark with roundabout hour plots comprising of light green C3 Super-LumiNova. Even bars mark the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions with a triangle sits at 12 o’clock. The moment hashes are long and readable, and they push the hour markers internal, making a more compact dial design that likewise traits to its sensation being a more modest watch than an Uno. One little contrast that won’t go unnoticed by vintage Rolex fans is the move away from the meters first profundity rating, to a feet first configuration. 

The Modello Quattro is offered on an olive dreary hard core nylon tie with marked clasp and matte guardians. It’s flexible and wearable out of the container, however this is a watch that will look very great on all way of tie, something the new penetrated carries ought to urge you to investigate. Unimatic is as yet utilizing the Seiko programmed type NH35A, which may not be extravagant or even especially exact yet it keeps the cost at a generally wallet agreeable $560. This is a customary creation model so supply ought to be to some degree reliable. More from Unimatic .