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Hands-On With The New Christopher Ward C1 Worldglow

Hands-On With The New Christopher Ward C1 Worldglow


We don’t see numerous worldtimer watches delivered from little autonomous brands around here, and all things considered, they’re hard to progress admirably and aren’t precisely straightforward for most purchasers. The Zurich world time is an enduring top choice from Nomos, and is an uncommon model that works, however at more than $6,000 it’s a stretch. Models from Farer and Junghans come into view as worth driven alternatives that work in their own specific manner. Today, Christopher Ward is giving their interpretation of the class the new C1 Worldglow, a watch that welcomes new interpretation of the complication and dismisses our consideration from steel sport watches, if just briefly. We’ll take it.

The C1 Worldglow is a continuation of a topic that Christopher Ward started with the C1 Moonglow from 2019. You can peruse Zach’s full survey of that watch here , and you’ll notice a couple of similitudes straight away. To be specific, the imaginative utilization of lume all through the dial as a way to compliment the usefulness of the complication. 


The C1 Worldglow gets a top-down projection of the globe set into the dial’s focus with Europe and Asia on the 3 o’clock side, and North America on the 9 o’clock side. The negative space made by the land masses are involved by a layer of lume under, giving the whole dial an extraordinary presence in obscurity because of the subsequent iridescence. The world is addressed alongside the hands and numerals along the 24 hour ring, anyway the urban communities and rad following shaft aren’t as obvious so really utilizing the worldtime capacity will be testing.

The actual complication is fairly straightforward, and Christpher Ward has built up an easy to use insight with the C1 Worldglow. Under the top “world” layer on the dial is a reasonable sapphire plate with a red sonar pipe that can be lined up with the city ring at the actual edge of the dial. Doing so permits you to change the 24 hour ring in like manner and off you go following different time regions. In the model underneath the time is set to 3 o’clock UK time (Christopher Ward’s home time region presently in GMT), while the red following circle is set to New York, which is 5 hours behind, accordingly perusing 10 o’clock. It would appear that a great deal of data on the dial, however truly it’s very basic in practice. 

The greatest issue with the dial is the hour and moment markers being consigned to little dabs at the edge of the dial, which means you’re forfeiting some exactness for complexity. 

Christopher Ward is utilizing the Sellita SW330-1 with their JJ03 module. The development is noticeable through a display caseback, where you’ll locate a twin-banner engraved DLC dark swaying weight guarding the elabore grade Sellita base unit under. You can expect exactness in the domain of +/ – 20 seconds every day with this evaluation alongside 42 hours of save.

The greatest takeoff from the Moonglow is simply the situation. It’s developed from 40.5mm to 43.5mm and 52mm from one carry to another. It’s an enormous watch with a huge review territory and the greater measurements do take into consideration some space to breathe for the generous measure of data found on the dial. On the wrist, the Worldglow sits level gratitude to the arch of the drags and the 11.5mm case thickness (counting the somewhat domed precious stone). Lash alternatives incorporate a dark cordovan calfskin tie with bader deployant fasten, or a milanese lattice wristband, which looks somewhat sharp here and adds a legacy vibe to a generally contemporary looking watch. 

Christopher Ward has made a compelling and interestingly useful dress watch with the C1 Worldglow. This watch is a welcome advance away from the downpour of game watches we’re gave (not that I’m complaining) and makes us reconsider the possibility of voyaging. In that sense, the Worldglow is tremendously nostalgic and will ideally fill in as a segue to regularity in the coming year. The C1 Worldglow is evaluated from $1,995 on cordovan calfskin tie, and $2,055 on milanese cross section. More from Christopher Ward .