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Hands-On With The New BOLDR X Kenji Chai ‘Chaigo Venture’

Hands-On With The New BOLDR X Kenji Chai ‘Chaigo Venture’


Watchmaking and road craftsmanship don’t appear to be a characteristic fit on a superficial level. Watch marks that have fiddled with this space before to shifting levels of achievement, yet as a dependable guideline it would appear coordinated efforts of this nature do best in the computerized domain with brands like G-Shock. Another watch from Singapore based watch brand BOLDR Supply Co. is offering another interpretation of the class with another Venture done in a joint effort with Malaysian spray painting craftsman, Kenji Chai. The watch is developed of titanium, highlights craftsmanship on the dial, comes with a toy, and it’s under $500. What’s not to adore?

The Venture is a watch we’ve since quite a while ago appreciated with BOLDR’s assortment, having invested energy with the Automatic and the Field Medic and with each coming away dazzled by the measure of significant worth for the cash. W&W even delivered its own LE inside the Venture family that sold out the day it was delivered. The Venture Automatic is an extraordinary stage that focuses on gentility and wearability alongside a functional and clear dial plan that verges on careful in execution. The Chaigo Venture holds these qualities however rejuvenates a dynamic character on account of motivation from the craftsman, Kenji Chai. 

Kenji has built up his style in the city of Kuala Lumpur, discovering acknowledgment as of late gratitude to his bright interpretations of individuals and creatures worked from theoretical shapes that mix culture and nature. His creation ‘Chaigo’ has become a mark character, in view of the idea of a homeless canine assuming responsibility for his fate. This is the imprint that shows up on the dial of the Chaigo Venture, involving a significant part of the dial’s focus with the word “Chaigo” labeled at 6 o’clock.

Elsewhere on the dial you’ll discover light blue Arabic numerals at the cardinal hours and the empty frameworks of hour bars in the middle. Each is covered by round frameworks of a similar shading put something aside for 12 o’clock, which utilizes a coral hued orange to complement the internal 24 hour track. The Chaigo head shows up in dark, finished with barely enough difference to the dim surface of the dial. Huge needle hands can cloud the picture on occasion, yet more significantly they give superb readability. The tip of the seconds hand gets a spot of coral red, as a last emphasize against the light blue moment hashes.

The rakish titanium case is completely dab favored in completion and measures an insufficient 38mm in width. The screw-in crown is situated at 4 so this is a simple watch to coexist with on the wrist. The 12mm case thickness is perceptible for a particularly little watch, however doesn’t disrupt the general flow on account of the general gentility. Moreover, the wristband is titanium with a solitary purpose of verbalization between each connection, which means there’s some solidness that you may discover off putting. 

BOLDR is utilizing the NH35A programmed development here, so everything considered this actually addresses a solid incentive at the $499 cost tag. It’s a completely titanium watch restricted to 160 units and comes with a hand-painted collector’s toy or doll of the Chaigo character. It’s a pleasant detail that will without a doubt engage enthusiasts of the craftsman and the streetwear types the same. Simply be cautious with the cap, it’s attractive and will be not difficult to lose. The watch comes bundled in a hard shell Pelican like holder with the toy, and will incorporate a nylon lash configuration planned by Kenji as well. 

The Chaigo Venture is accessible to arrange now through BOLDR Supply Co.’s webstore , and we’d urge you to look at a greater amount of Kenji Chai’s fine art at his behance profile here .