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Hands-On With The Fortis Flieger Collection

Hands-On With The Fortis Flieger Collection


Fortis hit the reset button on their Flieger family with three new watches that seek set another pace for the brand all in all. The 3 watches, which were stumbled in their deliveries a year ago, incorporate a chronograph, time and date models, and finished with uncover of the F-43 Triple GMT. These watches feel each piece the apparatuses that they are both close by and on wrist, and with a couple of surprising subtleties worked in en route, there’s no deficiency of that Fortis character we know and love. 

The new Flieger watches range in size, from 39mm to 43mm, yet each could beneficently be portrayed as genuinely forcing. From the drag construction to the plan on the bezel, there’s very little in the method of nuance to be found here. All things being equal, each vibe like exactness instruments, machined like a jolt activity rifle in view of only business. These watches fill in as a confirmation that watches should be viewed as instruments worked for a particular capacity, and worked as vigorously as conceivable around satisfying that work. On the off chance that you see watches thusly, you’ll discover a great deal to cherish here.


Hands-On With The Fortis Flieger Collection

Case Stainless Steel; Titanium Movement Sellita 200; Sellita 510; WERK 13/Kenissi Dial Grain/Textured Matte Black Lume Brixtrax, X1 Super-LumiNova Lens Sapphire Strap Block Bracelet; Black Leather Water Resistance 200m Dimensions 36×50; 41×53; 43x54mm Thickness 13mm Lug Width 21mm Crown Screw Down Warranty Yes Price $1780

Fortis has part the Flieger Collection into 3 areas comprising of the F-43 Bicompax chronograph, The F-39 and F-41 Automatics, and the F-43 Triple GMT. They are altogether plainly a piece of a similar family, sharing a comparative plan language all through. That implies weighty matte dark dials, brilliant Berlac Fluor orange accents (genuinely, this orange is hyper-immersed), curved bezels, and drags that appear as though they could come with a heap bearing accreditation with a 21mm haul range on each. 

Each is offered on 3-interface wristbands that are 21mm from end connect to fasten. The fasten itself is a 22mm chunk with a smooth brisk change slider inside that is controlled by means of press button. This takes into consideration about 10mm of change accessible on the fly. The catch and arm band feel generous on the wrist, and whether it’s the 39mm Automatic or the 43mm Bicompax, the wristband measurements are the equivalent. Tying down the wristband to the case are real screws that experience the drag. Disregard the sensitive tie change device, you’ll need a flathead screwdriver to change out the wristband to the dark calfskin lash alternative.

One of the more remarkable highlights that every one of the Flieger watches utilizes is the purported Synchroline. This shows up as two areas of Berlac Fluor orange spreading over the edge of the dial between the minutes 55 and 05. Its motivation is to take into account pilot synchronization between planes, giving a +/ – 5 second reach from the 12 o’clock position. My insight into pilots and the requests they’re exposed to is restricted to a solitary survey of the film Top Gun numerous years prior, so I’ll offer no further understanding on this specific element. I will say this, however, it looks pretty cool on the dial. 

Another common element among all the Flieger models is the sunken bezel. The actual bezel is steel with scratched numerals showing up along within ring, which is calculated descending toward the precious stone. This implies the two don’t sit flush with each other, and the external edge of the bezel addresses the high purpose of the case. This leaves a considerable amount of surface zone along the vertical mass of the bezel, which gets a coin edge surface for simple control. Turning the bezel requires a definite hold, and takes a touch of power to get going. It openings into each space with power and feels similar to switching gears through an uncovered gated shifter on a vintage sports vehicle. In other words, it’s fulfilling.

The F-39 & F-41 Automatic

Beginning with the Automatic models, this is the lone Flieger offered in 2 sizes. The F-39 measures in at 39mm in breadth while dealing with a 50mm drag to carry distance. These are generous carries that make for a sensational presence on the wrist. They do bend descending toward the wrist, and keeping in mind that on the long side, they are absolutely wearable. 

The F-41 is, you gotten it, 41mm in width and 52mm from one carry to another. The appearance in any case is the equivalent, with Arabic numerals showing up close by each bar of Brixtrax X1 Super-LumiNova put something aside for the 12 o’clock position, which gets the triangle and two dabs theme seen all through the assortment. A date window shows up at 3 o’clock, with an orange framework to feature its position. The seconds hand gets a solid utilization of orange also, and this is chasing coat levels of orange making for high perceivability in most lighting conditions, however it’s not lume so center movements to the hour and moment turns in the dark. 

Fortis is utilizing the programmed UW-30 development in every one of the Automatic models, which is a base SW-200 Sellita type with date complication. The F-39 and F-41 are evaluated at $1,780 on  a lash, and $2,230 on a wristband.

The F-43 Bicompax  

The F-43 Chronograph was the primary Flieger to be uncovered and grabbed our eye directly out of the entryways because of the advanced plan that catches a significant part of the Fortis appeal of old. This is a double register chronograph with a brief aggregator at the 3 o’clock position that gets an orange layout at its edge. The date is situated at 6 o’clock, again illustrated in orange, making an even dial design. 

The 43mm case gives the dial a lot of room for the proportional plan, and makes a profoundly clear dial simultaneously. A similar splendid green X1 lume is utilized here with Brixtrax bars at every hour. The siphon pushers are set inside watchmen, and get a sunken end point with a cross brought forth surface inside. The execution here feels firmly machined and utilizing the pushers is a wonderful encounter therefore, also they look the outright business. 

The Bicompax is 43mm in breadth and 55mm from one drag to another, with a case thickness of ~15mm as estimated to the highest point of the bezel. This is a considerable watch on the wrist, and it seems a lot of like that was the goal with this one. 

The Bicompax utilizes the programmed UW-51 development, which again is a base Sellita 510 type with 48 hours of hold. The Bicompax is valued from $3,120 on a tie, to $3,570 on wristband.

The F-43 Triple GMT

The F-43 Triple GMT varies from the other Flieger models in a couple of significant ways. The first is recognizable after getting it, as its titanium case and wristband gauge significantly not exactly the others (did I notice how hefty these things are?). The Triple GMT has similar measurements as the Bicompax, yet feels far various on the wrist because of the weight investment funds acknowledged with the utilization of titanium. 

The GMT complications referred to in the name come by means of the short 24 hour hand that peruses the hours against an inward ring with every hour addressed put something aside for the 6 o’clock (3 o’clock) position which clears a path for the date gap. This, combined with the nearby time, and pivoting 12 hour bezel, make it conceivable to follow three time regions, consequently the Triple GMT name. 

This complication comes civility the WERK 13 development inside the Triple GMT, which isn’t a Sellita base type, yet rather is worked by Kenissi, the development producing arm of Tudor (and Chanel). The development permits the hour hand to be set freely making changes in a hurry a breeze. Utilizing Kenissi here adds a layer important to this specific model and brings up issues about what might be around the bend this year from Fortis. 

The Triple GMT appreciates a similar degree of extraordinary intelligibility as the others, however the lume seems white as opposed to green on the dial and shines blue after a charge. The utilization of titanium feels fitting inside this assortment, as it mitigates a significant part of the mass and feels more tech-forward than steel, and it’s a choice we’d have welcomed across the range. 

The Triple GMT is valued at $3,970 on its titanium arm band, making it the most costly of this bundle. For reference, the Tudor GMT is $4,050 on a wristband, and the Norqain Freedom 60 GMT , which additionally utilizes a Kenissi development, is $3,860 on an arm band. The Fortis is very unique in look and feel from the Tudor or Norqain, so if you’re taking a gander at this development you’ll have a lot of alternatives all in a similar ballpark on cost.


The new Fortis Flieger assortment of watches are imposing in the presence and exact in their execution. What they need ordinary wearability they compensate for in animal device ish claim. These vibe especially like watches you put on to make a particular showing, regardless of whether that’s humming the pinnacle in a MiG-28 or just climbing through the boondocks close to your home, these watches will motivate trust in whatever they’re doing. 

Fortis has built up a solid visual personality with the new Flieger assortment and I’d call it fruitful generally speaking. These are fun watches to wear and play with, and they ask to be utilized. In other words, they are Fortis completely. Fortis .