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Hands On Review: The Serica 4512

Hands On Review: The Serica 4512


The Serica 4512 is a watch we’ve been following since we initially found out about it the previous summer, with a first glance at models , alongside their creation prepared plans . As pre-orders went live, we found the opportunity to invest some energy with the last plan of the watch (in California trim) to present to you a brief look at existence with the 4512, and give a gander at the Serica brand.

The 4512 is exceptional for a couple of reasons, which we’ll get into, yet on the off chance that you’re new to the watch, here’s a fast summary. This is a WWII period propelled watch, which means that’s the format around which a cutting edge take is inferred. Think Dirty Dozen, however less mil-spec, and no little seconds. This is certainly not a legacy watch, it feels present day and to some degree insignificant in execution, and it’s experienced a development to get here. 

When we evaluated the models a year ago, there was a solitary dial plan, in white or dark, and two handsets advertised. The 4512 has been streamlined, and is being offered available to be purchased with a solitary handset, a solitary dial tone, and 3 dial plan varieties. The greatest change, however, is the bounce over to a Bonklip arm band from calfskin alternatives. It moves the entire tone of the watch and restores a damn jazzy interpretation of the wristband in the process. 

The 4512 is as of now accessible for request, with conveyances expected to commence not long from now.


Hands On Review: The Serica 4512

Case Stainless Steel Movement STP1-11 Dial Lacquered Black Lume SuperLuminova Lens Sapphire Strap Bonklip Bracelet Water Resistance 200m Dimensions 37.7x47mm Thickness 11.3mm Lug Width 20mm Crown Screw Down Warranty 2 Years Price $650


Serica is an upstart brand situated in Paris, France, with a group of watch gatherers and columnists, some of whom you may recollect from an online Magazine called “Les Rhabilleurs” . They additionally tally the eponymous Matt Hranek (of ‘ A Man & His Watch ’ and The WM Brown Project ) among their positions as an early diplomat. The group is additionally behind the lash producer, Joseph Bonnie , the supplier of the Bonklip arm band found on the 4512 (more on that later). 

The thought behind Serica started, as these things do, with a discussion over the present status of looks for gatherers like themselves. Baffled by the way that the solitary watches that housed their ideal characteristics were estimated north of $20k, they set out to rejuvenate those characteristics in a more open style. Combined with the attention on bundling as much utility on a case by case basis into a little, wearable impression, and you have the seeds of the 4512. 

This isn’t restricted to the 4512, notwithstanding. I talked with Jérôme Burgert, the prime supporter and Creative Director of Serica, and he is anxious to bring the Serica approach and stylish to new assortments and complications. We anticipate sharing more news on that front soon.

The Dirty Dozen Connection

When the Serica watches were first appeared, they inclined intensely into the WWII classification specifically, and wear the letters W.W.W. (Wrist. Watch. Waterproof.) as needs be. The expansive, brushed bezel and curious case measurements surely inspire the sensation of the supposed Dirty Dozen watches, which we’ve examined finally here . To order the 4512 as a Dirty Dozen respect is do it an insult, notwithstanding. This is a watch that was considered in light of similar standards, to be not difficult to utilize, simple to wear, and fit for withstanding the afflictions of all way of proactive tasks. Underway structure, the 4512 stands all alone, separate from WWII enlivened watches, as a cutting edge watch that joins the very qualities that raised war time apparatus watches. 

When gotten some information about this part of the watch and the brand all in all, Jérôme communicated their ethos of adopting a negligible strategy to incorporating utility into their plans. Consider a significant number of the over-designed apparatus watches we’re gave today and we are ruined for decision. Watches that include capacities well past what any of us would approach, while in fact amazing, constantly put forth compromises to reasonableness in their attempts to push the limits of their abilities that a lot further. Serica takes a definitive differentiation to that approach, and the 4512 is a great representation of being just about as able as it should be (200m water obstruction, steel case, sapphire gem), without hindering the wearability and convenience of the watch. It puts the client over the detail sheet. That’s a methodology that delivers profits in every day wear of the 4512, and something we’d like to consider fleshed to be further as the brand develops.

The 4512

The 4512 underway structure is unobtrusive and recognized. This is a watch that estimates 37.7mm in width, with a 46.5mm carry to haul estimation. A marginally domed sapphire gem makes for a thickness of 11.3mm. That thickness estimation may appear to be sensible, and it is, however when combined with the previously mentioned case measurements, feels thicker and heavier than you’d anticipate. It works with the remainder of the bundle however, as the watch packs a weighty tasteful into its negligible limits. In the wake of investing some energy with the watch, this is actually the appeal of the 4512. 

From the main, a level bezel piece overwhelms the view, highlighting a vertical brush that is critical to the visual character of the 4512. The bezel slants to the case with a cleaned surface, differentiating against the carries and case dividers, which are likewise brushed. It’s a look shared by watches like the Grand Seiko SBGV245 , and even the Patek Philippe Nautilus, and it stands apart here for its utilization on a lot more modest (and a lot less expensive) watch. It’s a completing strategy that takes more consideration than strong surfaces, and an eye for configuration to appropriately adjust the case and dial transition. 

There are three dial varieties accessible on the 4512: the Commando, the WMB, and the California, which we are including here. The Commando and the WMB both use a full arrangement of Arabic numerals around the dial, with a 24 hour scale for military time reference running inside the hours. The Commando gets an open moment track, while the WMB gets a railroad track section ring with lume specks, and is the nearest to the models we saw a year ago. The California gets a, you got it, California dial, which means Arabic numerals on the top half on the dial, and Roman numerals on the base. Each gets a similar arrangement of brushed steel hands, a squat expansive bolt hour hand, a long sword minute hand, and a much longer seconds hand. The long moment hand functions admirably on the Commando because of its open moment track, however on the California and WMB, it reaches out into the section ring a sum that may trigger your OCD.

The dial is lacquered dark taking all things together varieties. With high differentiation markings, and lume plots at the cardinal hours, this is an exceptionally decipherable watch. The lume itself isn’t incredible, however works when there’s no other option. The extents function admirably and overall the dial is probably the most grounded part of the watch.

The Bonklip

The steel Bonklip arm band that accompanies the 4512 is the absolute most one of a kind component of the watch. Not exclusively is the wristband outwardly particular, its development and configuration make it very comfortable in every day wear. The wristband is appended to the case through steel tube end pieces as opposed to strong end connections, and comprises of flimsy connections that move uninhibitedly between their association focuses. The wristband circles back on itself, making a circle through which the hand is passed. Contingent upon the size of the wristband you select (it comes in norm and extra long), getting your wrist through the circle can be precarious. My hand simply fits through a standard arm band, which works totally on my 7.25 inch wrist. Once it’s through, you basically pull it to the ideal snugness, and flip the catch in the middle of two connects to get. It sounds more complex than it is, and if you’re still hazy look at the video of it in real life from Joseph Bonnie:

The Bonklip isn’t extraordinary to the 4512. Truth be told, its underlying foundations date back to the last part of the ‘20s, where it very well may be found on an assortment of watches, including RAF and British military gave watches from the ‘40s through the ‘60s. At the point when the patent terminated in the ‘50s, an assortment of producers built up their own renditions, including any semblance of Gay Freres and JB Champion, and the Bonklip appreciated appearances on watches from IWC, Rolex, and Mido. Joseph Bonnie brought the Bonklip back following a decades in length rest, and is accessible as an independent item just as the default wristband on the 4512. While it is a legacy, its appearance brings to a greater extent a mid-century present day style to the 4512 that, when combined with the top of the watch, challenges simple arrangement with regards to allotting a kind, or even closet pairings.

On The Wrist

The Bonklip wristband and little case measurements make the 4512 a lovely simple watch to wear, however it’s not exactly as direct as that. In spite of the fact that the impression is little, there’s more heave to the watch than you’d expect, and the Bonklip wristband is ultra lightweight, so it doesn’t truly scatter the heaviness of the head across the wrist. This doesn’t make it uncomfortable, however it does wear another way than you may imagine. 

The wristband wraps across the wrist, and feels like a piece of delicate texture being used. The slender connections mean you can finely change the fitment on the wrist, making brisk changes because of the climate or movement a breeze. The curiously large crown can be mounted on one or the other side of the case contingent upon your inclination, or your predominant hand. This is an element we’d love to see a greater amount of from different brands on their dateless offering. 

If the Bonklip just isn’t your thing, or you like to blend things up, the 4512 looks the business on calfskin or NATO choices. Note that the carry width is 20mm, which looks thick against the little case, so your decision of lash or wristband will bigly affect the general look and vibe of the watch. 

The Movement

Serica is utilizing the physically wound type STP1-11 with 45 hours of hold, a hacking seconds include, and +/ – 6 seconds/day of exactness. STP is Swiss Technology Production, the Fossil Group’s in-house Swiss development maker. Don’t let the Fossil Group toss you, this is a legitimate Swiss maker that was bought by Fossil Group in 2012 for use inside their arrangement of brand’s programmed contributions, from Burberry to Zodiac. 

The STP1-11 discovered here is utilizing the barrel from the programmed variation of the development, with the programmed winding framework eliminated to shield the heart from overwinding. The crown is screw down, and winding gives fulfilling snaps and enough criticism to feel exactly how much strain you’re developing in the origin. Exactness was well inside spec in our experience with the watch.

Price & Conclusions

The Serica 4512 is estimated at $650 paying little heed to your dial decision or crown arrangement. It’s accessible for request now with conveyances starting not long from now. There are a lot of other WWII period watches being made these days from any semblance of Smiths and Timor, yet it’s hard to generalize the Serica with the likes of them. A watch with a comparable degree of inventiveness and particular plan center is the Autodromo Group B on arm band. It’s altogether different elaborately, yet there’s a feeling of a dream coming to life here in a special manner that I see in the two watches. The two of them appear to resist the flawless bound of existing classes, and both may require a touch of thought when matching with an outfit. In the two cases, the wristbands drive the watch into new territory. 

Overall, the 4512 is a wonderful little watch. Not for its noteworthy complication or even its quality, however for the vision it addresses, and the plan and style it rejuvenates. It’s surprising, it’s inconspicuous, it’s complex: it addresses such an extensive amount what we love about free watch brands, little and huge. There’s an ethos at work here that we’d love to see extended in new ways, which means we are energized by the potential we see addressed in the 4512. Regardless of whether that occurs, this is an extraordinary watch that is not difficult to wear, simple to utilize, is evaluated sensibly, and won’t mix in a group.