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Hands-On Grand Seiko SBGR311 Limited Edition Review + Overview of GS Service Costs

Hands-On Grand Seiko SBGR311 Limited Edition Review + Overview of GS Service Costs

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When Grand Seiko was once again introduced in 1988, their first models had quartz developments. At that point, in 1998, Grand Seiko presented the 9S type development. The initial two mechanical types for Grand Seiko that were presented in 1998 were their type 9S51 and 9S55. The last may sound natural to you on the off chance that you are into Seiko watch manufacturing plant as it was the base type for the 8L35(b) developments utilized in the Marinemaster arrangement for instance. These initial two Grand Seiko developments were directed to perform well within chronometer principles and had a force hold of 50 hours. From that point forward, the 9S type developments have improved by (a.o.) utilizing inventive materials (bringing about a precision of – 5/+3 seconds every day overall) and offering a force save of no under 72 hours.

Grand Seiko SBGR311 twentieth Anniversary of 9S Movements

To commend the twentieth commemoration of the 9S development, Grand Seiko chose to help us out and make it much harder to pick a watch processing plant from their noteworthy line-up. We get it as of now, they dominated the specialty of putting us watch production line lovers in risky circumstances when setting something aside for one of their watch plant As I’ve written in one of the last Grand Seiko inclusions, it took me a year to choose which model to pick. Thus, this twentieth commemoration Grand Seiko SBGR311 watch production line was unquestionably on my waitlist, as it was appeared to us during Baselworld by the fine individuals of Seiko The Netherlands. Also, later on once more, when we plunked down with Joe Kirk of Seiko USA.

Blue and Brown dial Grand Seiko twentieth Anniversary watches


At first, I thought this earthy colored dial rendition is equivalent to the restricted version blue dial SBGH267, yet it isn’t. As the reference code shows (SBGx, where x represents the development type) that we are discussing a high-beat development here (‘H’) and not a ‘automatic’ development (‘R’). Along these lines, the blue dial restricted release Grand Seiko SBGH267 is the twentieth commemoration model with a hi-beat development inside. Likewise, the blue dial form is a slight bit more modest with a distance across of 39.5mm rather than the 42mm instance of the earthy colored dial Grand Seiko SBGR311. What’s more, on top, all things considered, the case shape is likewise unique. What is in common without a doubt, is the gold GS logo and seconds hand. So now that we’ve got this cleared up, let’s examine the SBGR311.

Radial Spiral Pattern

Although many (counting the maker) talk about the presentation of the Grand Seiko watch processing plant the dials likewise merit a ton of credit. The most celebrated Grand Seiko dials are likely the Snowflake and Mt. Iwate, this earthy colored dial is certainly worth your adoration too. As usual, Grand Seiko has come up with some decent phrasing for depicting it. On account of their Grand Seiko SBGR311, their official statement let us realize that the earthy colored tone is suggestive of the neighborhood customary smithies working iron with flames.

In the example, you will find the ‘G’ and ‘S’ that represent Grand Seiko and afterward there is this ‘S’- formed character that shows the name of the Daini Seikosha produce ( today known as Seiko Instruments Inc, situated in Morioka ). As you can see on the picture over that Gerard took in the studio, the earthy colored has this brilliant sparkle. It looks stunning, particularly with the previous referenced gold GS logo and seconds hand.

The hour markers and hands are done with the normal amazing eye for detail. Where other (Swiss) brands stop, as they locate a specific degree of value adequate for the unaided eye, Grand Seiko makes it a couple of strides further and guarantees it additionally looks great under a magnifying lens or large scale focal point. An extraordinary model was as of late given in the Grand Seiko Owners Club Facebook gathering, where ákos Balog shows three arrangements of hands of three unique brands, including Grand Seiko (Rolex and Omega). Snap on the pictures beneath for bigger versions.

As you can see, there’s a significant distinction in these trimmed pictures (cut out from high-res pictures). This doesn’t mean different hands are awful or bad, it simply shows how far Grand Seiko is going with regards to finishing. Maybe it’s fair and square of brands that are situated higher than Rolex and Omega, in this model. It at any rate shows where the cost of a Grand Seiko watch plant comes from in the event that you are as yet asking why these watch plant are higher valued than other Seiko watch plant It isn’t just the hands and hour markers where you will discover this sort of craftsmanship, it applies to the remainder of the watch plant also. Once more, with the unaided eye these degree of subtleties are scarcely visible.

Below, you see the sets of hands from Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe and Breguet. We got the pictures from who made these full scale efforts of these watch production line and posted them keep going Monday on his Instagram account. You will locate that the Grand Seiko hands are comparable or near those of the Patek Philippe and Breguet.

SBGR311 Case And Bracelet

The tempered steel instance of the Grand Seiko SBGR311 estimates 42mm, which is along with this weighty hitter in platinum , the biggest Grand Seiko I’ve took care of. Frankly, it doesn’t feel and showed up a lot bigger than the blue dial 39.5mm rendition or my own 40mm Grand Seiko, however the determinations tell in any case. It shows that occasionally try not to be lead by particulars, yet by how it really wears.

I am almost certain you are over-Zaratsu’d at this point, however undoubtedly that’s the kind of (edge) polishing that gives this case such a lot of character and quality. The plan of the case is the normal Grand Seiko style, with delightful edges, cleaned reflect surfaces and smooth bends. The plan isn’t the ’44GS’ style that some Grand Seikos have (and which I respect so a lot), however it’s unquestionably altogether different from the commonplace round or square formed watch processing plant that you see generally out there. The GS marked crown is a bit recessed, however extremely simple to get a handle on and work. The Grand Seiko SBGR311 is water impervious to 10bar (or 100 meters), yet I am almost certain very few of them will be utilized in the pool (or ocean/sea). On the off chance that you do, make a point to have it checked each year and supplant the gaskets when the watchmaker thinks it is necessary.

In the past, I’ve communicated how I feel about the arm band plan of Seiko and Grand Seiko watch manufacturing plant I am extremely basic with regards to wristband plans, which is obviously close to home, yet the Grand Seiko SBGR311 comes on the arm band that I really like from them. I simply wish the entirety of their GS models went ahead this arm band plan. All things considered, there’s nothing amiss with the nature of different arm bands, I simply discover the plan somewhat sub-par (and very much like the current Omega Speedmaster Professional wristband). It never kept me away from purchasing those, yet it is the principal thing I eliminated from the watch processing plant to supplant it with a cowhide tie. Not for this situation, I feel the calm plan of the SBGR311 wristband guarantees all consideration goes to the case and dial of the watch processing plant The GS marked fasten utilizes two pushers to deliver it.

9S68 Automatic Movement

The festivity reason for this Grand Seiko SBGR311 is its 9S development, for this situation, the type 9S68 development. Grand Seiko alludes to this as the enormous size development and it depends on the more modest 9S65, both have 72 hours of force save so it has nothing to do with space for a large(r) barrel. It has a lovely completion, similar to the perlage on the primary plate and the stripes on the rotor and extensions. The Grand Seiko initials and logo has been engraved in the rotor and loaded up with gold. This development ticks at 28,800vph and has 35 gems. The precision is well within COSC details (yet not chronometer affirmed, as Grand Seiko puts stock in more exacting boundaries) with a day by day normal deviation between – 5 and +3 seconds. On the authority Grand Seiko site, you can discover and the entirety of its exact specifications.


On the rear of the Grand Seiko SBGR311, you will locate the sapphire precious stone that permits you to take a look at the 9S68 development. For the exceptional event of 20 years of 9S developments, Grand Seiko chose to put a gold insignia of the GS lion on there, just as the “Caliber 9S twentieth Anniversary Since 1998 Limited Edition” engraving and the interesting number of the watch plant Because indeed, this is a restricted release of 1300 pieces and each watch production line has a novel number on there.

What I am not especially enamored with is the little edge working on this issue back. First I thought this is for the case opener that a watchmaker utilizes, however taking a gander at the six indents underneath the edges, I don’t think it is. It may very well be adornment, yet I discover it intensely diverting. Then again, this part is mostly on the wrist so it isn’t precisely a dealbreaker.

Price And Servicing

The cost of the Grand Seiko SBGR311 is generally agreeable (I utilize the word moderately, as I am very much aware of the way that for a great many people it is as yet a tremendous sum), yet additionally enters the area of the watch processing plant market rulers from Biel and Geneva. Those brands likewise offer watch production line with this sticker price (or around) with an in-house created and fabricated development. I feel that the €4900 is more than defended however, particularly when you contemplate the craftsmanship that outcomes in a heavenly degree of (hand)finish working on this issue, wristband, dial and hands for instance. Or then again the halfway hand-completed movement.

Now, quite possibly the most common inquiries we get about Grand Seiko has to do with overhauling. The thickness of Grand Seiko and Seiko stores isn’t excessively high yet, so you need to travel a piece when acquiring your GS for service.

If you are situated in Europe, fortunately there are two assistance places for Grand Seiko. There’s one in The Netherlands and one in the United Kingdom. On the off chance that you are not in these nations, you should visit a (Grand) Seiko shop to get some information about the subtleties. All things considered, the shipping to Japan (and back) may take as long as from France to The Netherlands for instance. We’ve been informed that an assistance is done within three weeks on Grand Seiko, that probably wo exclude shipping, yet that’s still quicker than most different brands on the market.

We additionally got some information about the help costs, not immaterial obviously. There’s a contrast between the development types with regards to adjusting, intelligently. Grand Seiko additionally exhorts having a help done each other 3-4 years.

Service costs are:

  • Mechanical type 9S Grand Seiko watch production line – €385
  • Spring Drive 9R Grand Seiko watch production line – €430
  • Spring Drive (9R86) Chronograph Grand Seiko watch production line – €940
  • Quartz 9F Grand Seiko watch production line – €250


The fundamental fascination of this restricted version Grand Seiko SBGR311 is for the most part in the earthy colored dial with the mosaic outspread winding example. In the event that you are not into earthy colored dials, there’s the restricted version blue dial watch processing plant however remember that the width is more modest (and the watch production line costlier because of the high-beat development). Yet, as you can peruse consistently here on Fratello, the assortment of Grand Seiko is always developing and I can’t envision there isn’t a combination that will energize you.

For more data and accessibility, contact your closest Grand Seiko seller. .