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Hands-On: Dryden Pathfinder Dive Watch

Hands-On: Dryden Pathfinder Dive Watch


Watch configuration has obviously taken a move in the direction of vintage-roused plan. Usually, we’re seeing subordinate plans, the utilization of velvety lume, and dial plans that look towards the past, as opposed to the present or future. Don’t misinterpret that, I’m an aficionado of vintage plan with current development. As the pleased proprietor of a Doxa Sub 200 that gets a huge load of wrist time, I generally approve of a cutting edge reissue of a dark reference, stacked with rich fauxtina. It’s only ideal to see a more up to date watch brand take an alternate course and delivery a perfect, current watch dislike something you’ve as of now seen.

Today, we’re taking a gander at Dryden’s plunge watch, the Pathfinder. At its center, the Pathfinder is as yet a jump watch, so it’s not a completely new plan. There’s still a unidirectional turning bezel, a bunch of huge readable hands, a sound use of glowing paint, and a water opposition rating of 200m. Dryden’s way to deal with configuration is perfect, current, and useful with barely enough pizazz in the regions that warrant it. Let’s investigate the Pathfinder from Dryden Watch Co. — a US-collected jump watch. First up, a few specs:


Hands-On: Dryden Pathfinder Dive Watch

Case Stainless Steel Movement Miyota 9015 Dial Sunburst Blue, Gloss Black, or Arctic White Lume Super LumiNova Lens Sapphire Strap Quick Release Bracelet or nylon Water Resistance 200m Dimensions 41x47mm Thickness 11.8mm Lug Width 20mm Crown Screw Down Warranty Yes Price $650


Double and triple checking the spec sheet affirms that the Pathfinder gauges in at 41mm wide. I just didn’t trust it, since the watch wears a lot more modest than the estimations infer. A millimeter or two of every an item portrayal is sufficient to divert individuals off from a watch, and the numbers don’t consistently recount the entire story. That’s the case here, as the 41mm lodging of the Pathfinder wears a lot more modest on the wrist, and a ton of that is because of the 47mm haul to-drag estimation and 11.8mm generally speaking thickness (and that incorporates the sapphire glass).

The most astonishing of the estimations is the thickness, or for this situation, I’ll allude to it as slimness. Under 12mm for a 200m plunge watch is an incredible accomplishment, bringing about a truly competent watch that’s additionally extraordinary as a day by day wearer. It’s not simply the 11.8mm that causes the watch to feel so thin, it’s how the case is separated between precious stone, bezel, mid case, and case back that makes all the difference. 

In profile, the most noteworthy thing about the Pathfinder’s case is the breakdown between crustal, bezel, mid case, and back. The domed sapphire precious stone up top is somewhat domed. There’s no large vintage-style bubble going on, which holds the general thickness down. You can likewise see the incline of the clay bezel and where it meets the side surface of the steel bit of the bezel. While the cuts in the bezel are profound, they’re rare. Turning the bezel is somewhat hard because of the absence of grasp matched with the firmer activity.

Just under the bezel is the mid case. It begins with a liberal cleaned chamfer that changes into the vertical brushed mid case with a sharp edge between the two completions. The mid case itself is a couple of millimeters tall, inclining downwards at the bored drags. The lower part of the mid case takes a point internal to the case back as another cleaned chamfer. At long last, the case back hangs marginally under the case, making up the rest of the 11.8mm of watch. The extents between every one of these components are adjusted perfectly, while the blend of brushing and cleaned surfaces outwardly separate the case. It’s a spotless plan that wears well on the wrist.

At 3 o’clock, you’ll locate a matte completed crown with a little plan on the level surface. The crown is somewhat little for a plunge watch, and would profit by a slight knock up in size. Matte completing is somewhat of an odd decision too, since the crown is the lone spot it’s seen on the watch. The case plan and completing are exceptionally great, particularly given the value range.

Dial & Hands

Moving onto the dial where we had the delight of looking at the dark polished dial and the blue sunburst dial for this review. Both are a similar format, save for a date include at 6 o’clock on the dark dialed-model. We’re gave a spotless, present day jump style dial with applied files. At 12 o’clock, a sharp, multi-faceted triangle rests at the highest point of the dial, trailed by rectangular bars loaded up with lume for every hour. In the middle, you’ll locate a classy thin hash mark for every moment. Around the furthest edge of the dial you’ll see a progression of tiny, firmly stuffed hash marks. They’re excessively little and excessively near be utilitarian, however they do add a touch of something to a generally spotless and clear dial.

Dryden’s text-based logo rests just under 12, offset at 6 by the word “AUTOMATIC” and the profundity rating delivered in more modest content under. The word “AUTOMATIC” is imprinted in a highlight tone, giving it a tad of additional fly against the base shade of the dial. The dark adaptation of the watch is profound, rich dark with a polished completion. The red accents look incredible combined with the white print highlighted noticeably all through the remainder of the dial. For the blue form, the Pathfinder dump the reflexive completion for a matte sunburst finish. The sunburst brushing in the dial is unobtrusive and elegant. It plays with the light as you turn your wrist, making an engaging and attractive visual effect. 

A couple of intensely brushed pencil hands highlight the time. Within the hands are treated with Swiss Super LumiNova BGW9 to sparkle splendid after openness to light. Each finish of the hands ends in a point, giving them a smidgen of added visual allure. For the seconds, a thin, precious stone tipped hand is sent cruising around the dial by the programmed development inside. On the dark form, the jewel is featured in red paint, while the blue adaptation includes a lively orange emphasize. The handset is perfect, readable, and loaded up with lume — much the same as it ought to be on a plunge watch. 


Inside the Pathfinder, you’ll discover the Miyota 9015 programmed development keeping the time. The development is commonly found in watches at this value point and have demonstrated their dependability since its presentation in 2009. Beating at 28,800bph, the development sends the seconds hand around the dial with a smooth scope. Inside the actual development, 24 gems keep the mechanical pieces greased up and running with insignificant opposition. Dryden selected a date show at 6 o’clock, with white numerals imprinted on a dark date wheel. At the point when completely twisted, the development will run for 42 hours. Advantageous highlights like the capacity to hand wind the development and hack the seconds hand for accuracy time setting help separate it from the lower end Miyota and SII developments additionally utilized habitually by more modest brands.

Strap & Wearability

Dryden’s Pathfinder ships on a hardened steel wristband with snappy delivery end joins. The three connection wristband begins at 20mm at the drags, and tightens 2mm to 18mm at the catch. I love a decent tightened arm band, as 2mm at the fasten goes far in wearability. The collapsing style fasten is durable, and has a marked security flip lock that guarantees the wristband remains on. There are four miniature change openings in the catch so you can truly dial in your fit. The actual wristband changes via screw-in pins. The champion element of the wristband for me is the end joins. They wed impeccably to the case and mix in flawlessly with the general plan of the watch.

On watches in this value range, the end joins are typically all in or all out. It’s clear that Dryden planned something that fits impeccably, yet in addition looks extraordinary. Eliminating the wristband for some tie trading is a speedy and simple undertaking, on account of the snappy delivery bars coordinated into the strong end joins. A brisk squeeze and pull, and the arm band is free. The two forms of the watch look extraordinary on the wristband or on a bunch of ties, on account of the general clean plan and traditionalist utilization of color. 

On the wrist is the place where the Pathfinder truly sparkles. It’s perhaps the most comfortable plunge watches I’ve had the delight of wearing. As referenced over, the case components combine to make up the 11.8mm by and large thickness of the watch. It’s not simply the sub-12mm estimation that makes it function admirably, it’s the equilibrium and shape of the case as well. When wearing the watch, one gander along the edge recounts the entire story on how it wears. The casebook settles into my wrist very well, while the drags embrace the shapes. It’s thin, comfortable, and easy to wear. For a 41mm plunge watch, I’m wonderfully astonished at how smooth it is on wrist. Since it’s so slim and comfortable, it makes the watch ideal for wearing on a nylon tie, which for the most part add another millimeter or so of thickness. The Pathfinder has space to save, so tie sweethearts will in any case will appreciate the slimness of the watch while shaking their #1 ties.


I’ll concede, when I initially saw the Pathfinder, it appeared as though numerous other current plunge watches. It’s when I put it on, that everything changed. In the event that you’re somebody who’s burnt out on the vintage-inclining pattern, yet need to exploit the more modest cases found in this style, the Pathfinder is a watch that ought to be on your radar. A strong arrangement of specs, including a liberal use of lume, an earthenware bezel, sapphire precious stone, and 200m of water obstruction are more than what you’d expect out of a $500 plunge watch. For a 41mm watch, the Pathfinder must be extraordinary compared to other wearing watches in this size range that I’ve had the joy of wearing.

There are additionally some great choices that you can tweak the watch with. While we just had the artistic bezel models, you can browse a treated steel 12-hour or Dive-style bezel on the item page. These bezel alternatives switch up the vibe of the watch drastically while giving you a couple of more choices to make the watch yours. The worth is there, as the materials, completing, and plan decisions legitimize the sticker price. The $500-$1000 scope of watches is becoming more competitive than any other time, however the Pathfinder is unquestionably worth a harder look. More from Dryden .