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Hands-On: AVI-8 Spitfire Type 300 Automatic

Hands-On: AVI-8 Spitfire Type 300 Automatic


Estimating in at 42mm wide, the hardened steel case on the Spitfire is suitably measured for a pilot style watch. Contemplating the 13.6mm stature, the watch is certainly on the bigger side. The state of the case is somewhat direct, yet the interesting completing and configuration is the place where the Spitfire sticks out. AVI-8 says that the case intently follows the bends and lines of the plane it’s displayed after, however I think that’s somewhat of a stretch. That’s not to say that the watch’s shape isn’t well-designed.

From the side profile, the mid-case is one ceaseless bend from one carry to another, making it embrace your wrist well. Since the watch has an enormous appearance (generally because of the thin bezel and huge dial), the bended case encourages keep it comfortable to wear for the duration of the day. The plan and adornment of the case, for example, a couple of engraved components on the sides of the case that copy bolted boards, fits in well with the stylish of the plane. They additionally help to separate what might somehow or another be a somewhat plain mid-case and add some energy to the design.  At 3 o’clock, you’ll discover a push-in crown that’s displayed after the nosecone and propellor of the Spitfire, further adding to the aviation-themed vibe. The crown is the solitary cleaned component in the whole watch plan, which is somewhat odd, particularly since all the other things, save a cleaned slant on the hauls, includes a similar brushed finish.

Flip the watch over, and you’ll notice a sapphire case back that gives you a brief look at the Miyota 8218 arrangement development inside. While the actual development has some Côtes de Genève noticeable, it’s somewhat utilitarian in appearance. AVI-8 added a touch of pizazz, and that’s the specially crafted rotor. It’s looking like the Spitfire saw starting from the top and truly integrates the topic of the watch while energizing the development a bit.

Dial + Hands

Here’s where things get fascinating. The dial on the Spitfire is somewhat of a mishmash for me. An exemplary pilot’s watch ought to be clear and readable at a fast look, so the entirety of your attention can stay on you know… steering an airplane. I’m apprehensive that you may require a smidgen in excess of a fast look to figure out the Spitfire’s dial. Let’s separate it. The dial has a great deal of profundity to it, which related to the domed sapphire, makes for a truly engaging look. The dial is separated into concentric circles however is in no way, shape or form an area dial. The deepest circle contains a little seconds sub-dial and an odd graduated scale somewhere in the range of seven and 2.

At 3 o’clock, a little white-on-dark date window breaks the hindrance between the first and second layer. Moving outwards, there’s another circle that contains the blend of applied and printed records, which is at last encircled by a more slender (and somewhat raised) part ring — again with raised and printed indices.

The size of the watch is somewhat muddled. It switches back and forth between huge 10-minute markings delivered in yellow lume with hour markings in the middle. The hour markers are imprinted in dim and single numbers are gone before by a “0”. So the scale peruses 05, 02, a hash mark instead of 3, 04, 25, 06…and so on. To make things significantly really befuddling, the 7 to 2 scale has markings from 40 to 10. So I think what I’m saying here is that you’re most likely lucky to be simply perusing the situation of hands as though there were no markings on the dial.

If you need unadulterated, neat pilot watch goodness, there are a lot of different spots to look and I don’t accept that the Spitfire is genuinely about that. There’s a component of liveliness and fun that are addressed using various scales and profundities that make the dial on the AVI-8 outright enjoyable to take a gander at. While it might have seemed like I was destroying this thing, I truly appreciate the vanguard aviation-motivated plan cues.

Luckily, the enormous handset is extremely simple to peruse and hit with a sound utilization of iridescent paint. For the hours hand, there’s a squat blade molded hand that’s restricted to the deepest circle of the dial. Minutes are dealt with by a sword style hand that includes an inclining venture down around 1/3 of the path from the middle. The sub-dial has a running seconds hand that has a more modest comparable hand that coordinates the set pleasantly. Lume execution is fair and sparkles splendid green.


Inside the Spitfire is a Miyota 8218 programmed development with a custom Spitfire rotor. The development contains 21 gems and ticks at a 21,600 bph rate. A full wind will keep the watch running for around 42 hours. There’s no hacking seconds, however the watch is windable by hand to get the development pursuing a time of dormancy. The development is made in Japan and is commonly utilized across numerous microbrands as a reasonable, dependable development. It bodes well for this development to be utilized in the Spitfire, as there aren’t such a large number of choices that would keep the watch situated in its mid-$400 cost range.

Strap + Wearability

AVI-8’s Spitfire ships on a brushed steel shellfish style arm band. The connections are held in with a push-pin framework, making them simple to trade out with a watch device (or pushpin). The catch is really direct, and has a vibe that lines up well with the requesting cost from the watch. You’ll discover three miniature change openings on the sides to dial in your fit and a crease over wellbeing fasten to keep it got to your wrist. Beginning at 22mm and tightening to 18mm at the catch, the arm band is comfortable on the wrist. I do value when watches with more extensive haul widths include a tightened arm band, as it makes the watch wear altogether better on the wrist

Toss the Spitfire on a mil-lash, and you’ve got a completely unique vibe. It gives the watch to a greater extent a military look. It’ll additionally function admirably with cowhide (truly, I don’t have any 22mm calfskin lashes available) for a more exemplary aviation vibe. The green and yellow dial loan themselves to looking sharp with a wide range of shadings, yet my inclination would lean towards a pleasant dim or khaki, or a punctured profound earthy colored calfskin strap.


The AVI-8 Spitfire authorizes the possibility that watches ought to be entertaining. They worked effectively indicating configuration seen on the Spitfire airplane and conveyed those over well to the watch. Once more, it’s not the most decipherable, but rather a watch doesn’t consistently must be. It’s an intense contention to legitimize a mechanical watch by any stretch of the imagination (don’t you simply scorn protecting against a “why don’t you take a gander at your telephone like an ordinary person”?), so you should have a great time with it. The two enthusiasts of aviation and military watches will appreciate this contestant into the AVI-8’s arrangement. It wears as an enormous 42mm watch with some genuine wrist presence, however the case shape and comfortable wristband compensate for it.  AVI-8