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Grand Seiko Celebrates their Birthday with a US Exclusive Limited Edition, and the GS 9 Club Comes to America

Grand Seiko Celebrates their Birthday with a US Exclusive Limited Edition, and the GS 9 Club Comes to America


On the off chance that you’ve been following new watch delivers at all this year, you’re presumably effectively very much aware that Grand Seiko has been putting it all out there for their 60th Anniversary. We’ve seen a constant flow of new watches from the brand all through 2020 that feature the achievement in an assortment of ways, and on Friday night, to praise their real birthday, Grand Seiko presented another restricted version for the US market and declared that their well known owner’s gathering, the GS 9 Club, would build up an American part. It was a decent method to end the year, and we’ve got all the subtleties for you below. 

Let’s tackle the watch first. The SBGE263 is a Spring Drive watch with a GMT complication, moved up in one of Grand Seiko’s more up to date, sportier cases. A Spring Drive GMT is a fitting material on which to paint a restricted release, as it’s the development innovation that is ostensibly most connected with Grand Seiko, and the GMT complication is a down to earth fan most loved that they do very well (the entirety of their GMT watches are “true” GMTs with hopping nearby hour hands). The SBGE263 sports an earthy colored dial and coordinating ceramic bezel, which Grand Seiko says was propelled by the quills of a falcon. The dial has an unpredictable, finished wave design, with the GMT hand giving a gold accent. 

This is a games watch totally, yet delivered in a rich, particularly Grand Seiko way. The case estimates 40.5mm in measurement and has a barrel-like shape with the imperative Zaratsu cleaning. This is a wearable, ordinary size, and the watch is fitted with a treated steel arm band and conveys an entire 200 meters of water obstruction, the two highlights that advance dynamic use. The 9R66 Spring Drive development inside is appraised to be exact inside 15 seconds out of each month, and has a greatest force save of 72 hours. The retail cost on the SBGE263 is $6,700, and is restricted to only 110 pieces. It’s accessible through Grand Seiko Boutiques in the United States, with conveyances expected in January. 

The other large news reported by Grand Seiko on the event of their birthday, and positively affecting a larger number of people than a restricted run watch, is that the GS 9 Club is advancing toward American shores interestingly. Long-term Grand Seiko gatherers and fans know the GS 9 Club as a private, Grand Seiko supported owner’s bunch for Japanese customers. As of recently, you must be a part in the event that you bought your Grand Seiko watch in Japan. That changes now, with the GS 9 Club’s benefits being opened to proprietors of watches bought through Grand Seiko’s US conveyance organization of approved sellers and boutiques. 

GS 9 Club individuals can anticipate that access should uncommon occasions and restrictive content given by Grand Seiko. Obviously, there’s an assumption that eventually this will mean real live, face to face occasions, however until further notice GS 9 Club content is online as it were. It likewise offers, interestingly, an authority internet business entrance to buy Grand Seiko watches in the United States (counting the new SBGE263). 

Becoming a part is clear. On the off chance that you’ve bought a Grand Seiko watch in the United States through an authority channel since March 23, 2017, you’re qualified. Enlistment includes presenting a photograph of your watch, alongside data from the business receipt and guarantee desk work. For more data on the GS 9 Club, look at the site here . Grand Seiko