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G-Shock Unveils New Watches Aimed at Surfers at a Low Price with App Integration

G-Shock Unveils New Watches Aimed at Surfers at a Low Price with App Integration


G-Shock has divulged three all new watches considering surfers. Presently, except if you’re a surfer (and I’m unquestionably not), you might not know about what a “surf watch” truly involves. You’d expect water opposition (these regard 200 meters) and a specific vigor, yet there are a lot of different highlights and design qualities that claim straightforwardly to surfers, and G-Shock has made a watch particularly for them. Let’s look at these recently refreshed G-LIDE models.

G-Shock G-LIDE

  • Case Material: Resin
  • Dial: MIP LCD
  • Dimensions : 50.9 x 46.0 x 14.7mm       
  • Water Resistance: 200 meters
  • Crown: n/a                       
  • Strap/bracelet: Resin
  • Price: $160
  • Reference Number: GBX100-2, GBX100-7, GBX100-1
  • Expected Release: July

Surfers, it should come as nothing unexpected, need to consistently be furnished with information on tides. The GBX100 setup is fit for displaying high and low tide times and tide levels, and when utilized with the G-Shock Move application, the watch is equipped for tracking steps, enabling tide point area mapping at 3,000 areas across the world, and integrating with your own wellness training plans. Regardless of whether surfing isn’t your game, there are a lot of highlights here that competitors can make use of. 

as far as feel and design, the big news here is the showcase. Watches in the GBX100 arrangement utilize another high goal Memory in Pixel (MIP) LCD show. The showcase is more honed, higher difference, and more point by point than a standard G-Shock show. The thought is that surfers and competitors ought to have the option to see all the data they require at a glance on the new G-LIDE, using a combination of text and images delivered in high resolution. 

Being a G-Shock, the new G-Lides are bounty hearty. The cases are sap yet highlight metallic bezels for added strength, rigidity, and sturdiness. The urethane tie is worked for comfort in view of water sports, and incorporates cuts throughout for the water and sweat drainage. Notwithstanding the forte highlights implied for surfers, the new GBX100 watches incorporate the standard set-up of G-Shock highlights, which implies you’ll have a stopwatch and commencement clock, various cautions, and a full calendar. 

While this is positively a cool and reasonable G-Shock (the retail cost is $160), I think it’s important that maybe the most interesting angle on this watch is the proceeded with extension of watches that utilize G-Shock’s associated cell phone applications. The surfing highlights are decent, at the end of the day an oddity for most. In any case, I have a feeling most purchasers will actually want to extract a lot from the watch’s “smart” highlights, and G-Shock appears to plainly be on a way where integrating these highlights into however many looks as would be prudent (across even lower value focuses) is a priority. 

The new watches in the GBX100 line will begin rolling out this month. G-Shock