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G-Shock Goes Transparent with Six New Models

G-Shock Goes Transparent with Six New Models


Document this one under: not what I was expecting. In writing about the as of late delivered GMWB5000RD-4 , I commented on G-Shock leaning vigorously into upmarket, full-metal models. It appeared to me at the time that the truly exciting stuff that G-Shock has been putting out from a design viewpoint is virtually the entirety of the metallic assortment. The new declaration of a progression of new transparent G-Shocks is a great change of speed. These new watches in white and gray transparent sap cases length a lot of G-Shock ground, with a few model families addressed in a style that’s charming, current, and as far as unadulterated style might be the perfect inverse of the new full-metal G-Shocks. 

What we really have here are two lines of transparent watches. The Transparent White arrangement highlights fresh white takes on the DW5600, GA700, and GA2100, and the Transparent Gray takes the GA2000, GA900, and GA110 and gives them dull transparent accents. Regardless of shading, each watch is using cloudy plastic parts on the bezel and tie, creating what is essentially a transparent air pocket around the case. This isn’t a completely clear glass-like straightforwardness that you’d see on a ultra high end sapphire cased watch, yet a cloudier and sportier look that appears to suit G-Shock rather well. 

Each G-Shock in the “Transparent Pack,” as G-Shock alludes to it, has the specialized particulars you’d anticipate from each watch’s base model. The white DW5600SKE-7, for instance, keeps the famous square case and backlight that the base reference is known for. The gray GA2000SKE-8A highlights a Carbon Core Guard Case and a Super Illuminator LED light. Obviously, the entirety of the transparent watches utilize G-Shock’s shock safe highlights, have 200 meters of water opposition, and come with the alerts, clocks, and stopwatches standard to G-Shocks.

All of the transparent watches are accessible now through the typically approved G-Shock channels, including their site. The GA2000SKE-8A, GA900SKE-8A, and GA110SKE-8A are evaluated at $130, while the DW5600SKE-7, GA2100SKE-7A and GA700SKE-7A will retail for $110. On the off chance that the more current metal designs don’t do it for you, or you’re simply looking for a fun, old-school tar case G-Shock with a cool design, these are unquestionably worth a look, and sit at an available cost point. 

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