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G-Shock Announces the First Frogman with a Full Analog Display

G-Shock Announces the First Frogman with a Full Analog Display


While all G-Shocks are by their very nature amazingly fit with regards to water based exercises, their Frogman line exists as a committed arrangement of tough watches that are reason worked for diving. Notwithstanding meeting ISO guidelines for plunge watch accreditation, watches in the Frogman setup incorporate supportive highlights like a devoted jump time tracker and tide markers. With the most recent Frogman, the GWFA1000, G-Shock’s jumper has gone analog  out of the blue, retaining a significant part of the specialized ability of earlier digital offerings. Let’s investigate.

G-Shock GWFA1000

  • Case Material: Resin (carbon fiber supported)
  • Dial: Black
  • Dimensions : 56.7 x 53.3 x 19.7mm
  • Crystal: Sapphire        
  • Water Resistance: 200 meters  
  • Crown: n/a                        
  • Movement: Module 3184 
  • Strap/bracelet: Rubber
  • Price: $800
  • Reference Number: GWFA1000-1A, GWFA1000-1A4, and GWFA1000-1A2
  • Expected Release: June 

The new Frogman begins with a monocoque case produced using carbon built up gum, which G-Shock says brings about a lower water assimilation coefficient, in this way allowing for more dependable water obstruction and case strength at great profundity. The integration of the caseback with the remainder of the case further adds to the rigidity of the design and generally speaking waterproofness. 

The diving highlights of the GWFA1000 are genuinely ingenious – G-Shock has done well to keep the key Frogman highlights in a completely analog showcase without sacrificing meaningfulness. At the point when “Dive Mode” is empowered, the hour and moment hands cover and move together, counting off the minutes in a natural and simple to understand way. The client can without much of a stretch change from seeing the slipped by plunge time to an ebb and flow readout of the genuine time at the press of a catch, and afterward back again (the large case and pushers on the Frogman should make this simple enough to do underwater). 

Like other more current G-Shocks, the GWFA1000 has been designed to be utilized with the G-Shock Connected application, and that also has been tuned to empower some helpful highlights for jumpers. Strikingly, the application and watch include a plunge log that takes into consideration area marking and the collecting of helpful information pertaining to singular jumps, just as a tide point setting highlight that empowers the client to gather tide data dependent on elite of pre-set areas. What’s more, obviously, the new Frogman has a full arrangement of highlights that are common non-jump centered G-Shocks too, including tough sun oriented technology and Multi Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping. 

The GWFA1000 will be accessible in June on blue, red, or dark elastic lashes with a retail cost of $800. G-Shock