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Frederique Constant’s New All Stainless Steel Yacht Timer Can Do More Than Time Regattas

Frederique Constant’s New All Stainless Steel Yacht Timer Can Do More Than Time Regattas


The yacht timer is one of those complications that I envision makes non-watch individuals consider all us should be completely crazy. As though the interest wasn’t as of now considered as something maybe a piece uncomfortably raised, here we have a watch with a complication that is intended to guarantee your boat doesn’t get an uncalled for advantage in the exceptionally easygoing end of the week cruising race that you have booked. We’re not by and large looking at something with a mass market claim, here. However, obviously, when you begin diving into the real watchmaking, the historical backdrop of the complication, and the utility behind it, you start to understand that the yacht timer need not be related absolutely with the blue bloods. Frederique Constant presented a reasonable yacht timer a year ago as a component of their Regatta Countdown assortment that went for stylish class blended in with genuine worth, and now they’re back with another that has an all the more simply sport driven feel. Let’s investigate.

Frederique Constant Yacht Timer Regatta Countdown

  • Case Material: Stainless steel 
  • Dial: Gray
  • Dimensions : 42mm
  • Crystal: Sapphire       
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters                        
  • Movement: FC-380
  • Strap/bracelet: Stainless steel bracelet 
  • Price: €3,495
  • Reference Number: FC-380GT4H6B
  • Expected Release: Available now 

First, an update on the yacht timer as a complication. A yacht timer, (otherwise called a regatta timer) is a cruising device that empowers those associated with the dashing of yachts to time the beginning of the race. Boats, in contrast to vehicles, or individuals, struggle remaining in one spot toward the beginning of a race – they’re constantly cruising about. Before a race, everybody gets a brief admonition, and it’s up to each group to time the underlying intersection of the beginning line once that cautioning is given as close as conceivable to that brief stretch without going over.  A yacht timer works by giving you a reasonable visual pointer of the amount of that brief period has passed. On the Frederique Constant adaptation of this adjusted chronograph, the wearer sees a progression of circles at the highest point of the dial change tone (twice). Ten minutes are up when the cycle closes.

This kind of timer, while firmly connected with something restrictively luxury for the greater part of us, is quite functional on a day to premise. Simply think about all the occasions you allow yourself 10 minutes to accomplish something – presently you have an ideal, reason driven timer only for that. Furthermore, this cycle of the Regatta Countdown is likely more qualified to those regular assignments than the first forms, which came in gold conditioned cases that connect the watches all the more intimately with a kind of optimistic extravagance that this sort of complication frequently addresses. The dial here is a utilitarian dim (with an attractive guilloche design), and the case is straightforward treated steel, for certain pleasant advances among brushed and cleaned surfaces. 

At 42mm in distance across and with a tempered steel arm band, this form of the Regatta Countdown bodes well as a games watch than the rose gold, cowhide lashed variant we saw a year ago. A watch like this is an intriguing recommendation for chronograph fans who simply appreciate various features of that complication, and locate a strong use case in planning occasions under 10 minutes (and without accuracy to the second).

The new Yacht Timer Regatta Countdown is accessible now from Frederique Constant with a proposed retail cost of €3,495. Frederique Constant