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Five Great Seiko 5 Watches for Under $200

Five Great Seiko 5 Watches for Under $200


It’s notable that we’re huge aficionados of the Seiko 5 line here at Worn & Wound, and I’m sure that it’s an opinion shared by many watch darlings across the range of gathering. Since they’re exceptionally modest, Seiko 5 watches are regularly called a definitive door into mechanical timekeeping — the initial steps into the shallow finish of the pool before the fixation grabs hold and we get maneuvered into the profound end. However, I imagine that does an injury to these watches since, cash contemplations aside, these are really extraordinary watches that punch well over their weight. Zach, who’s presumably dealt with a great many watches now and has claimed some really superb pieces throughout the long term, actually wears his SNK consistently, and that’s on the grounds that the watch basically holds up.  

I as of late took a profound plunge on Amazon to perceive what other cool Seiko 5s exist, and for today’s control I’ve gathered together a portion of my top choices — and every one of them can be had for well under $200 a pop.  

“Fifty Fathoms-lite” Refs. SNZH53, SNZH55, and SNZH57

This one’s somewhat of a work of art and it’s a profound slice to the beginning of Worn & Wound . Obviously, it actually holds it own. The SNZH5x-arrangement estimates 42 millimeters across and highlights models with metallic blue dial, a dark dial, or a dark dial with brilliant accents, separately.  Aesthetically, it is suggestive of the Fifty Fathoms, and these get modded with some routineness to look considerably more like the FF. Notwithstanding, this one’s a looker with no tweaking, and an incredible all-around blender.

Ref. SNZH53 – $127 Ref. SNZH55 – $175 Ref. SNZH57 – $149

“The Bottlecap” Refs. SRPC61, SRPC63, SRPC65, SRPC67, and SRPC68

Seiko fans have nicknamed this one the “Bottlecap” for its fairly abnormal bezel/mid-case plan, and this generally new assortment from Seiko is one of the more remarkable contributions in the 5 arrangement. It weds jump and pilot watch signs, and tosses in some intriguing shading combinations in with the general mish-mash. This one would look totally amazing on a nylon mil-strap.

This arrangement is the priciest of the group, with one of the variations simply a touch north of $200, yet I felt it was worth including.

Ref. SRPC61 – $180 Ref. SRPC63 – $170 Ref. SRPC65 – $205 Ref. SRPC67 – $190 Ref SRPC68 – $190

“The Quirky All-Arounder” Ref. SNXF05

One of the extraordinary things about the Seiko 5 line is that a considerable lot of the watches come in well under 40 millimeters. This SNXF05 gauges only 37 millimeters across, yet it’s given a lift in presence through the tonneau case. What’s truly unique about this watch is the dial, or to be more explicit, the gridded design on the dial, which is something you just don’t truly see today. Dump the cheap wristband, slip on a nonpartisan hued cowhide two-piece tie, and you’re great to go.

Ref. SNXF05 – $120

“Oyster Perpetual-esque” Refs. SNXS73, SNXS75, SNXS77, and SNXS79

These are an undisputed top choice. Each of the four have significant Oyster Perpetual vibes without feeling excessively subordinate, and normally you can expect whatever acquires from the OP to be quite damn flexible. These offer the equivalent tonneau case as the previously mentioned SNXF05, so 37-millimeter width ought to be very lenient for various wrist sizes.

Ref. SNXS73 – $143 Ref. SNXS75 – $95 Ref. SNXS77 – $93 Ref. SNXS79 – $115

“The Mil-Watch” Ref. SNK381

Finally, in the event that you need something with somewhat of a military vibe, look no farther than the SNK381. The huge, intense Arabic numerals truly fly against the dark dial, and the shading coordinated day-date at three incorporates pleasantly into the plan. Gracious better believe it, this one’s additionally only 37 millimeters across. Toss this one on a mil-tie for greatest mil-spec vibes.

Ref. SNK381 – $98

Okay, I lied. There’s no chance I can do this guide equity by leaving out the other SNK field-watch-propelled jewels (all things considered, I referenced them in the introduction). These are still the absolute most amazing watches available anywhere, and it’s my go-to when somebody asks me for a mechanical watch that doesn’t use up every last cent. Accessible in a plenty of shadings, there’s one for everybody.

Ref. SNK803 – $70 Ref. SNK805 – $91 Ref. SNK807 – $75 Ref. SNK809 – $75