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First Look: the Timex Navi XL Automatic

First Look: the Timex Navi XL Automatic

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Timex keeps on pipes their back list with updates to works of art, and have recently dispatched another military-style watch with a lot of vintage prompts. This one highlights an automatic development, which if Timex fan jabber on the web is any sign, would imply that this thing will be a hot ticket once it hits the roads.

Timex Navi XL Automatic 

  • Case Material: Stainless steel
  • Dial: Green
  • Dimensions: 41mm
  • Crystal: 
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters 
  • Crown: Push/pull     
  • Movement: Miyota Automatic
  • Strap/arm band: Caramel earthy colored leather 
  • Price: $259 
  • Reference Number: n/a
  • Expected Release: October 22

Very couple of brands, especially situated in America, can create an item at the scale and nature of Timex. As of late, as the fan watch community has developed significantly, Timex has ventured up their game impressively. Not just through vintage-roused discharges, which are clearly catnip to devotees, yet in the nature of the actual item. Timex is bizarrely straightforward about the sourcing of their components ( see, the American Documents assortment), and comprehend that a decent lump of their crowd is wanting something either in-house, American made, or both. They aren’t very there yet, yet with each new delivery (especially those that continue to sell out, similar to the Q) they get a smidgen closer. 

That carries us to the Navi XL, a mechanical watch that sits close by the staggeringly famous Marlin in the list. While the Marlin is dressy and a virtual duplicate of a vintage reference (even down to the small by today’s principles measuring) the Navi XL is somewhat to a greater degree a customary “new vintage” legacy discharge. While not a clone of a specific watch from the Timex vaults, the Navi XL uses old fashioned styling subtleties to flag itself as something in contact with the past. 

The military motivation here is not difficult to spot, beginning with the dark green dial. Green dials appear to have a second, and I’m here for it, particularly if they’re combined with warm gold tones or, similar to the Navi XL, some first rate radium shaded lume. Say what you will about false tina, yet this dial would look amiss with unmistakable white hour markers. The inward 24-hour scale is another decent military touch, and the pivoting bezel gives the Navi XL some additional usefulness, despite the fact that I don’t think anybody is confusing this with a jump watch. 

The 41mm estimating of this watch bodes well on the off chance that you see it with regards to a vintage “inspired” update rather than a genuine reissue of something explicit. We as a whole know the recipe by this point: vintage style, current measuring, and materials. No complaints here – this will stay well known for years to come as the outcome is, reliably, an extremely fulfilling watch that many, numerous individuals appear to like. To that point, this Navi XL is only a first taste from Timex. Extra tones are normal from the get-go in 2020, just as more extensive accessibility, so on the off chance that you get closed out during this underlying run, don’t go to eBay, as fortifications are in transit. Timex