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First Look: Dan Henry 1964 Gran Turismo Collection

First Look: Dan Henry 1964 Gran Turismo Collection


From the unpredictably definite 1939 Chronograph to the 1970 compressor-enlivened Diver, Dan Henry watches have acquired an incredible after with watch-heads. By pulling signs from vintage watches—some famous and others obscure—Dan Henry has made vintage styling accessible at an extremely reasonable cost. The brand’s most recent is the 1964 Gran Turismo collection, straightforwardly propelled by a mashup of vintage Heuer Carrera references.

The treated steel case estimates 38 millimeters wide, 12.8 millimeters thick, and 44.6 millimeters haul to-carry. The drag width is 19 millimeters. The case is to a great extent cleaned however for the mid-case at the edges and the embellished, screw on the off chance that back. Huge siphon pushers sit on the correct side of the case and flank a modestly estimated and marked crown.

A unmistakable twofold domed mineral gem sits gladly on top of the case. The precious stone is sapphire-covered for added strength, and it highlights AR treatment to decrease glare.

The case includes a blend of completions. Marked crown. Precise drags. Decorated case back.

Inside the watch is Seiko’s ever-solid VK63 meca-quartz development . At three, six, and nine are sub-dials for the 24-hour register, dynamic seconds, and the hour long counter, individually. This design clearly varies from vintage standards, (30-moment and 12-hour counters).

The Gran Turismo arrangement kicks things off with four exemplary dial variations: (1) record dark with a tachymeter; (2) silver with dark sub-dials (panda) and a tachymeter; (3) matte dark with silver sub-dials (turn around panda), a tachymeter, and date; and (4) silver with a tachymeter and date.

*My inclination would be no-date variations for all models, with the current situating of the dates looking somewhat lost, yet at any rate the date wheels coordinate the dials so they’re not excessively diverting. The way things are, my top pick of the four is the panda.

*Editor’s remedy: All four dials are accessible in date and no date variants.

Slate dark with a tachymeter. Silver with dark sub-dials (panda) and a tachymeter. Matte dark with silver sub-dials (invert panda), a tachymeter, and a date. Silver with a tachymeter and date.

The dial printing here is the thing that we’ve come to foresee from Dan Henry. It’s exact and sharp, and it feels substantially more extravagant than one would expect for the price.

Each watch will come with a pebbled-cowhide tie (accessible in earthy colored, dark, and tan) and a fitted “beads-of-rice” bracelet—both with snappy delivery pins. I truly like that the arm band and tie are essential for the standard bundle, which likewise incorporates a helpful watch roll. It’s each of the a pleasant worth add. 38 millimeters is an extraordinary neo-vintage sweet spot size. Obviously, it takes a gander at home on my seven-inch wrist, and I particularly like it on the wristband, which I discovered to be truly comfortable. I additionally like that the wristband doesn’t come with a nonexclusive flip-lock catch and gives off an impression of being marginally raised from the standard. The calfskin lashes are satisfactory and a lot more pleasant than what you would ordinarily discover at this cost, however somewhat firm at first.

The Gran Turismo chronograph is an extraordinary fit on a seven-inch wrist. Also, it takes a gander at home on the “beads-of-rice” arm band.

Altogether, the new Gran Turismo collection from Dan Henry follows the brand’s effective equation: vintage-motivated plan + strong form quality + incredible cost = quite an arrangement. Selling for $250, the Gran Turismo collection will be accessible today direct from Dan Henry’s e-store. Dan Henry

Disclaimer: The Windup Watch Shop is an Authorized Dealer of Dan Henry.