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Exclusive Review: Aquadive Poseidon GMT

Exclusive Review: Aquadive Poseidon GMT

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Lashing the Aquadive Poseidon GMT to your wrist feels somewhat like bouncing into a time machine. This rock solid jumper draws substantial motivation from the brand’s own back list. It’s got all the vintage looks and out of control appeal of a ’70s plunge watch, yet it’s worked with current materials to demanding guidelines that bring about a hearty, present day 500m jump watch. The brand has had a lot of high points and low points consistently (prospering in the ‘60s and ‘70s, closing down in the ‘80s, trailed by a significant restoration in 2011). Today, they’re coming in solid with their Poseidon scope of watches.

Launching today, Aquadive’s Poseidon GMT flaunts another slimmer plan that’s less stout than what you’d anticipate that it should be, estimating in at a sensible 12mm thick. Restricted to only 300 pieces, the Poseidon GMT is a coordinated effort among Aquadive and Poseidon jump hardware , a chief producer of bleeding edge plunge gear and a company notable among plunge watch aficionados for its relationship with Doxa. Let’s make a plunge right in.

Editor’s update 9/21/19: The example that was sent for audit and is highlighted here is a prototype. After some last minute changes, we affirmed that the last specs incorporate 1,000 meters (not the 500m recently announced) of water opposition and no HEV, which you can find in the example here.


Exclusive Review: Aquadive Poseidon GMT

Case Stainless steel Movement ETA 2893-2 Automatic GMT Dial Black with yellow accents and Poseidon logo Lume Super-LumiNova Lens Flat sapphire with twofold AR Strap 2 ISOfrane elastic jump ties (dark and yellow) Water Resistance 500m Dimensions 42mm x 49mm Thickness 12mm Lug Width 22mm Crown Screw down Warranty Yes Price $1890

The absolute first thing that stood apart to me while eliminating the Aquadive from its bundling is the amount it closely resembles an apparatus, and I imply that in the most ideal manner conceivable. It’s a strong, hearty watch that follows the ethos that structure ought to follow work. In spite of being an instrument watch, it’s still executed to a serious level. The brushed completion of the 316L steel radiates a sparkle, playing with the light in an unobtrusive way that doesn’t cause a lot to notice itself. Roundabout brushing on the top surface and straight brushing on the sides of the case are isolated by a cleaned slope. Each edge of the watch is fresh and uniform. My eye was drawn towards the cut out between the hauls, where the completing in the corners is simply incredible.

Sitting on the case, you’ll locate a stout steel bezel with machined grooves around the edge and a glossy lumed fired bezel embed resting inside. The external surface of the furrows are cleaned to a high sparkle, while within is matte wrapped up. Each edge is pretty much as sharp and fresh as the completing seen all through the case, and this gives plentiful grasp in various conditions. The bezel pivots effectively, with no detectable play and an aurally fulfilling “snap” as it secures in one of the 120 inward notches that keeps the bezel set up.

The 42mm barrel-molded case overflows vintage style, while the unshakable development and feel of the watch propose a significantly more present day way to deal with assembling, as they properly ought to. At 12mm meager, it’s pretty noteworthy that Aquadive can accomplish an amazing 500m water opposition while holding wearability. It’s confirmation that a genuine plunge watch doesn’t must be a huge beast on your wrist.

On the correct side of the case there’s a stout crown that’s excessively simple to work. The stringing on the crown is first rate, as well. It’s consistently a bummer when a watch is done so well all through, however the crown feels janky. I’m glad to say that’s not the situation here. The Aquadive logo is engraved on the crown.

Flip the watch over and you’ll locate a basic and clear engraved case back. An insignificant Aquadive “A” logo is included in the center, encircled by the reference number, chronic number, and some more data about the watch. The underside of the case includes some pleasant round brushing too. It’s ideal to see that a similar degree of care is applied to everything working on it, not simply the most obvious elements.

Poseidon’s logo is noticeably included in their unmistakable shade of yellow at 9:oo. I think the logo is elegantly applied and looks cool where it is. That famous stamp likewise loans some genuine believability to the watch, considering Poseidon makes some next-level proficient jump gear. Going around the outside of the dial is a coordinating yellow GMT scale with profoundly readable dark printed numerals. Every one of great importance markers are indicated with a rectangular plot of lume that gleams splendid green. The 12:00 spot includes a triangle, and there’s a date show at 3:00 with white content on a dark foundation to coordinate the dial.

I found that the dial felt a little comparable to the remainder of the watch. Actually, I’d like the dial to be somewhat bigger to give it a touch more presence, particularly in light of the fact that the bezel truly appears to rule the front side of the watch.

The reflect cleaned hands may likewise be a state of contention. While truly they do look cool, the sword style hands feel a touch little and as a result of the completion they can some of the time get lost against the dial. Out of every one of the four hands on the watch, the brilliant yellow GMT hand with its emptied out bolt is most effortless to peruse. All things considered, the Poseidon is in no way, shape or form indecipherable; I’d just actually incline toward somewhat more space to breathe on the dial and a bigger arrangement of hands with a completion that gives more noteworthy contrast.

Inside the Poseidon is the time tested ETA 2893-2 programmed GMT development. Commonly found in GMT watches inside this value range, the development addresses a phenomenal incentive with usefulness to coordinate. Aquadive controls the development to five positions, which is an additional progression above having a stock development in there. The manner in which the 2893 works is the GMT hand is attached to the hour hand, so when you’re setting the principle time, the GMT hand is curious to see what happens. In any case, you can bounce the GMT hand autonomously of great importance hand. This is maybe not ideal for when you’re making a trip compared to a GMT with a free hour hand, however entirely workable and it get’s the task finished.

Included with the watch are two ISOfrane elastic lashes with marked Aquadive catches. These stepping stool style ties are an exemplary plunge lash produced using thick premium elastic. You’ll get both a dark and yellow tie inside the container. I discovered the lashes to be somewhat stout on my more modest 6.75” wrist, yet their weight made a decent showing of offsetting the heavier watch head on the opposite side of my wrist. While thinking about the watch for survey, I lashed on a jungle style tie that was somewhat more slender. It looked quite incredible on the watch, and I thought that it was a touch more comfortable for customary wear.

The Aquadive Poseidon truly feels like something straight out of the ‘70s. The vintage look and feel of the watch are a welcome takeoff from the advanced pieces I wear on the normal, and the superb completing, strong plunge bezel, and splendid yellow accents make for a watch that looks similarly as great submerged as it does making the rounds. In the event that a jump gear company as genuine as possible approve the watch with their logo, at that point you ought to have little to stress about.

The Aquadive Poseidon GMT will be accessible sometime in the afternoon at a pre-request cost of $1,395 (routinely $1,895), which I accept is in excess of a reasonable request something with a programmed GMT development and the degree of put-togetherness seen all through. Aquadive