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eBay Finds: Wyler Incaflex Heavy Duty, Alsta Nautoscaph 999 Feet Diver, and More

eBay Finds: Wyler Incaflex Heavy Duty, Alsta Nautoscaph 999 Feet Diver, and More


rolex@watchfactoryif.common sense manual for purchasing vintage watches on eBay (look at Part 1 and Part 2 ). Today, we have another portion of eBay Finds, where Christoph features some incredible, moderate vintage pearls searching for another home. Cheerful hunting!

Listing: Alsta Nautoscaph 999 Feet Diver with Spiedel Mach 1 Band

Here’s an extraordinary find for all the vintage plunge watch sweethearts out there—a 1960s Alsta Nautoscaph diver in totally phenomenal condition! With a unique profundity rating of 999 feet and a screw down crown, this was made to be a genuine apparatus diver’s watch some time ago. It has a delightful dial with incredible patina and sharp, lume filled hands. It additionally comes with a wonderful period-right Speidel band for sure. Controlling the watch is a Swiss-made Felsa 4007N, a 17-gem programmed mechanical type.

This one is near the Alsta jump watch Richard Dreyfus broadly wore in Jaws , however it’s not a similar model. By and by, this is a cool piece and it’s a bartering worth keeping an eye on.

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Listing: Wyler Incaflex Heavy Duty 660

Wyler is an incredible vintage brand that is to a great extent underestimated today by authorities, and the Wyler Heavy Duty line has an enormous choice of styles, going from out and out divers to the lively dress style like the one we have here. This steel-cased pearl is a decent size at 35 millimeters, and by and large it seems to be in brilliant condition (the crown gives off an impression of being unique also). The silver dial with adapted hour markers and hands is likewise truly clean with simply a hint of patina. The “Buy It Now” is more than reasonable for this one.

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Listing: Bulova Caravelle 666 Feet Diver (For Repair Or Restoration)

This one is recorded as not working, so you should just think about getting it in light of that. Presently having said that, these Caravelle divers are progressively pursued by authorities and have in this way encountered a consistent move in worth. In the event that you approach a confided in watchmaker and will face the challenge, at that point you may have yourself a genuine pearl here after a little TLC. The dial and unpolished case are perfect with the perfect measure of patina and wear, so after this one gets to ticking you’ll be acceptable to go.

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