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eBay Finds: Seiko Seikomatic Weekdater Ref. 6218-8950, Hosam De Luxe Diver, and More

eBay Finds: Seiko Seikomatic Weekdater Ref. 6218-8950, Hosam De Luxe Diver, and More


rolex@watchfactoryif.common sense guide to purchasing vintage watches on eBay (look at Part 1 and Part 2 ). So if you’re searching for a vintage watch, yet are still a little anxious making a plunge into those dim waters, at that point don’t worry—we’re here to help.  Today, we have another portion of eBay Finds, our arrangement where we feature some incredible vintage diamonds searching for another home. Glad hunting!

Seiko Seikomatic Weekdater Ref. 6218-8950

The Seikomatic Weekdater Ref. 6218-8950 is a slick little watch. Give it a quick look and you’d swear all over that it’s a Grand Seiko without the identification. That’s in light of the fact that the watch utilizes some of Tanaka’s Grammar of Design components, in particular on the precise records and extremely sharp hands. This reference infrequently appears in such great condition, and these watches are regularly tormented with dials that are water-harmed and cases that are excessively cleaned. This one is truly perfect, and the top notch, 35-jeweled development is, as per the merchant, running solid. This is an extraordinary catch!

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Hosam De Luxe 20 atm Diver with a Yellow Acrylic Bezel

This Hosam De Luxe (the first run through I’ve come across this brand) has a steel case that estimates only 36 millimeters wide (definitely on the more modest side of things, in any event, for a vintage diver), which doesn’t include the enormous screw down crown at 3. Despite its size, the splendid yellow dial and yellow acrylic bezel embed, the two of which appear to be in astounding condition, make certain to draw some consideration. And keeping in mind that Hosam may not be a known brand, the development seems to be an ETA 2452, which is positively a decent sign that this was a quality piece in its day and remains so today. It’s accessible with a sensible “Buy It Now,” so I can’t envision this one will sit for a really long time.  

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Seiko Sportsmatic Calendar 820

We’ve got another extraordinary Seiko here. The brand’s Sportsmatic line offers incredible section level looks for vintage gatherers, however they are additionally pursued via prepared authorities who realize that these watches pack a serious punch. This model from 1965 has that exemplary mid-century Seiko look with sharp lists and hands and an extremely perfect dial by and large. The case is a decent size too, coming in at 37 millimeters wide (excluding the recessed crown at 4 o’clock). The wristband isn’t unique, however all the other things here looks great and I envision it won’t cost you dearly once the closeout ends.

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Wyler 660 Dynawind

If you’re searching for a Super Compressor-styled diver without the Super Compressor sticker price, at that point look at this vintage Wyler 660 Dynawind. This diver has similar double crowns and inward bezel as some EPSA-made Super Compressors , yet it was not made by EPSA. All things considered, Wyler made strong, reason assembled divers with obvious style. The huge pad case with marked double crowns and super vault acrylic gem is in great condition. The dial may be considered somewhat occupied by a few, however I like it, particularly the red emphasize numbers that go with the red bolt hands. The “Buy It Now” cost on this one is more than reasonable, particularly considering its condition.

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