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eBay Finds: Rado Golden Horse, Wittnauer Super-Compressor, and More

eBay Finds: Rado Golden Horse, Wittnauer Super-Compressor, and More


rolex@watchfactoryif.common sense manual for purchasing vintage watches on eBay (look at Part 1 and Part 2 ). Today, we have another portion of eBay Finds, where Christoph will feature some extraordinary vintage pearls searching for another home. Cheerful hunting!

Vintage Rado Golden Horse Automatic

The Rado Golden Horse is an incredible illustration of a watch from Rado’s golden time, if you’ll excuse the joke. It has a traditionally styled steel case with a wide bezel and husky hauls. It appears to me to be to a great extent all unique, however for the acrylic precious stone that seems to be reseller’s exchange, which is very common for a watch of this age. The first crown is endorsed with Rado’s anchor logo.

The dial is the thing that truly makes this one stick out. It includes a two-tone plan and has striking steel markers that are suggestive of vintage Omega Seamasters. The dial has a dash of patina.

The case back logo is outstanding amongst other ever. It’s a profoundly engraved adaptation of the Rado twofold seahorse. It takes up the whole case back, and it’s actually very staggering. In general, I think  this is an incredible watch at the “buy it now” cost. Click here to check it out.

Vintage Wittnauer Super Compressor 8007 Diver

This version of “eBay Finds” carries another Super Compressor into the mix—this time it’s the fiercely mainstream Wittnauer variation. The Wittnauer Super Compressor estimates 36 millimeters and highlights thick, sloped carries and fat, cross-brought forth crowns endorsed with the Wittnauer “W” logo. The dark dial has totally matured markers and hands. The acrylic gem has been supplanted (the first has a trapezoidal date magnifier), yet this watch is commonly found with a substitution gem so it’s not very huge of a deal.

Most Super Compressors I come across on eBay are recorded as a “buy it now,” yet this decent model is a no save auction.

Click here to look at it.

Vintage Omega Seamaster (with an uncommon dial)

Vintage Omega Seamasters are incredible watches, and there is normally a plenty to browse on eBay. Unfortunately, an excessive number of them have terrible redials or, as a rule, are in shoddy condition. Not this one.

This around 1962 Seamaster appears to be unique and in incredible condition, with just a light bit of patina. The case is by all accounts unpolished, and it has the right clover-leaf-style, Omega-marked crown. A decent touch is an individual etching on the back dated to 1962. This one additionally has an uncommon dial with vertical “creases” that give it a sectioned look. It can look very odd for the individuals who haven’t seen this model previously, yet Omega gatherers know it well, and it is an entirely alluring variation.

Click here to check it out.

Wyler Incaflex Dynawind

To my brain, Wyler is an overlooked and underestimated brand. In their time, Wyler made some truly cool watches, including a few extraordinary divers.

The watch we have here, a Wyler Dynawind, is somewhat unique. This one is all the more an energetic dress watch with an attractive silver dial including adapted numerals at six, nine and 12. It would seem that a legitimate, all-unique model, and however the case has some wear it seems, by all accounts, to be unpolished. The crown is marked and the watch comes with a clever nonexclusive arm band. This 35-millimeter piece will make an extraordinary expansion to any sprouting vintage collection.

Click here to look at it.