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eBay Finds: Longines Gold Coronation V, Seiko 6105, Bulova Wrist Alarm, and More

eBay Finds: Longines Gold Coronation V, Seiko 6105, Bulova Wrist Alarm, and More

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rolex@watchfactoryif.common sense manual for purchasing vintage watches on eBay (look at Part 1 and Part 2 ). So if you’re searching for a vintage watch, however are still a little anxious making a plunge into those dinky waters, at that point don’t worry—we’re here to help. Today, we have another portion of eBay Finds, our arrangement where we feature some incredible vintage pearls searching for another home. Cheerful hunting!

Seiko  “Turtle” Ref. 6105-8119

The Seiko 6105-811X necessities no presentation — its symbol status in the realm of incredible jumpers is as of now secure. This model from 1972 seems to be in unique condition, which is getting more uncommon continuously. The case shows light wear, yet it looks generally unpolished, and the first dial looks great under the scratched gem, which is not difficult to supplant by finding an OEM Seiko gem or one of the excellent repros. There is a minuscule measure of dark gunk on the second hand, which at times occurs with these more established Seiko watches, however there’s not a ton of it. Notwithstanding, these truly are getting hard to track down in nice condition, and this one looks very great to my eye. Furthermore, it’s a genuine closeout — not an overrated “buy it now” posting — so you may simply score yourself a deal.

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Bulova Wrist Alarm with 11 AERC Movement

While vintage Bulova may not be known for their alarm watches, on the off chance that this model is such a sign, it totally ought to! It has a truly incredible looking two-tone silver/white dial with applied steel hour markers, and a basic steel case with hauls that have sharp inclines. This model likewise has both right Bulova-marked crowns. The most awesome aspect, in any case, is the lume-filled dauphine hands and the blued wiggly pointer hand for the alarm. I love this look! There’s an etching on the back that isn’t done that well, yet this is a model that doesn’t appear available to be purchased regularly so I can give it a pass.

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Seiko Bell-Matic Alarm Watch Ref. 4006-6037

Here’s another unique vintage Seiko, and one more alarm at that — a 1973 Bell-Matic. This model displays some fair wear, however nothing awful and the case lines appear to be flawless. This model has an incredible looking 1970s pad case and its unique casket connect wristband. The dealer expresses that the gem is broken, yet like the 6105 over, these precious stones aren’t rare so you’ll need to trade that out. As I would see it, these Bell-Matics are unquestionably underestimated, and this model would be an incredible option to any vintage collection.

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Longines  Solid Gold “Tank” Coronoation V

If you need to add some downplayed bling to your assortment, look at this vintage 1940s 14k strong gold Longines Coronation V tank watch complete with box and papers! This hopes to have been a protected sovereign, in light of the fact that the case looks sharp and the dial looks clean. This is a rich dress watch and all the additional administrative work treats are basically what tops off an already good thing. The lash has been supplanted, however that’s fine.  The vender expresses that the watch runs, yet at this age it ought to presumably be overhauled for safety.

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