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eBay Finds: Croton Chronomaster Sea Diver Aviator Chronograph, Movado Sub Sea Kingmatic, and More 

eBay Finds: Croton Chronomaster Sea Diver Aviator Chronograph, Movado Sub Sea Kingmatic, and More 


rolex@watchfactoryif.common sense manual for purchasing vintage watches on eBay (look at Part 1 and Part 2 ). So if you’re searching for a vintage watch, however are still a little apprehensive making a plunge into those cloudy waters, at that point don’t stress — we’re here to help!  Today, we have another portion of eBay Finds, our arrangement where we feature some extraordinary vintage diamonds searching for another home. Cheerful hunting!

Movado – Sub Sea Kingmatic

Kicking things off is this totally ravishing vintage 1960s Movado Sub Sea Kingmatic dress watch. With its basic exemplary dial and slender case and drags, it has that spotless Mad Men styling with the flimsy hauls and clean silver dial that makes this one simple to like. It includes the first marked crown and an incredible looking raised emblem logo on the rear of the unpolished case. At 34.5mm it’s not going work for everybody, except this is a truly spotless dress watch with a sensible get it-now that’s ideal for whoever cherishes this style of watch.

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Tissot –  Lemania Chronograph

Next up is this extraordinary vintage Tissot chronograph. This model seems to be around 35 or 36mm wide with an unpolished, not-excessively beat up case. We have what has all the earmarks of being a perfect silver dial with steel markers and hands here, yet the gem securing that dial is broken and should be supplanted. The bartering title dates this to 1946, yet the hands say ‘60s to me, so I’m thinking the dealer is off by years and years. In any case, the posting says the Lemania development is running, so this one ought to be all set with simply a little TLC.  

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Jenny – Caribbean 300 (Modern Reissue)

With so numerous “heritage” re-issues of vintage models out there, there are a ton of incredible vintage-enlivened pieces to browse on the off chance that you love that old fashioned vibe yet don’t need to manage the migraines regularly connected with vintage. For example, this incredible Jenny Caribbean 300. It has that amazing vintage styling, complete with the famous orange decompression bezel. This is #28 of a restricted release of 500, and it’s being sold by the first proprietor who professes to have bought it recently. It would appear that it, in light of the fact that the condition here is ace.

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Croton – Chronomaster Sea Diver Aviator Chronograph 

The Croton Chronomaster Aviator Sea Diver presumably has the coolest name of any watch, and as of late it has become progressively more pursued by authorities. This model has the inconceivable and high-esteemed Valjoux 23 type, and the dial is perfect with a touch of patina to the hands, which just adds to its character. The bezel is extremely spotless on this model, which is incredible on the grounds that they are regularly very worn. Like so numerous mainstream vintage models, these normally sit with overrated “buy it now” asks, so here’s your opportunity to get a pleasant one at closeout likely at a vastly improved cost.  

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