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Discovering The DuFa Freitaucher, A Bauhaus Inspired Dive Watch With Soul

Discovering The DuFa Freitaucher, A Bauhaus Inspired Dive Watch With Soul


DuFa watches is glad to introduce their most up to date watch, the Freitaucher. Enlivened by the Bauhaus school of plan, their watches are insignificant, useful, and produced to a serious level of accuracy. The Freitaucher is another plunge watch from DuFa that mixes present day moderation with the appeal of a 1960s skin-jumper. The outcome is a spotless, clear watch that stays fascinating gratitude to DuFa’s perky utilization of shading all through the plan. Let’s investigate this intriguing new jumper from the German brand.

Drawing motivation from the thin jump watches of the 1960s, the Freitaucher is housed in a basic plunge style case with a huge marked crown that remains solitary at 3 o’clock. The absence of crown monitors adds to the moderate appearance, while staying consistent with the underlying foundations of exemplary plunge watches. At 41mm wide and just 12.5mm tall, the 316L tempered steel case is estimated perfectly for almost any wrist. You’ll notice a cleaned chamfer on the change between the top and side of the case that adds a hint of refinement among the brushed surfaces. A thin unidirectional bezel goes around the dial with 12 hour markings, delivered in an altogether current typeface. The case is evaluated to 150 meters of water opposition, which is all that could possibly be needed for water action.

Moving inside the limits of the bezel, you’ll locate an open dial secured by a crate domed sapphire precious stone. There’s a square-formed applied file indicating every hour that’s treated with brilliant paint. At the point when presented to light, the lume will sparkle into the evening. Huge applied numerals at 3, 9, and 12 are delivered in a similar present day typeface utilized all through the watch, while the date window rests at 6. DuFa’s utilization of shading for the moment markings and custom date wheel truly help liven up the watch. Contingent upon the base dial tone, the emphasize colors shift. On the white and dark dialed forms, a splendid and lively blue make up the brief markings and base tone for the date wheel. In the event that you pick the more obscure dark dial, the flies of red truly stand apart among the ocean of dark.

To peruse the time, DuFa planned their own exceptional arrangement of hands. For the hours, a short and thin square shape tells the time. For the minutes, a sharp pencil-molded hand takes care of business. As another return to vintage jump watches, the seconds hand includes a little rectangular plot of lume towards the tip of the hand. Each hand is brushed and treated with lume to keep up most extreme readability in dull conditions. 

Inside the watch is Miyota’s 9 Series programmed development. It highlights 24 gems all through with the capacity to hand wind and hack the seconds hand for exact time setting. The development likewise has a date show which is obvious through a gap at 6 o’clock. Miyota’s 9 Series developments have demonstrated to be both moderate and dependable with a strong arrangement of highlights.

Securing the Freitaucher to your wrist is a treated steel arm band that tightens somewhat from the 22mm drags to the fasten. In the crate, you’ll additionally locate a jungle style elastic tie with DuFa’s logo on the clasp. On the off chance that you’re like the appearance of vintage jumpers, yet need something somewhat more current, this new watch from DuFa mixes the two topics very well. Moderate German plan, a couple of gestures to the historical backdrop of plunge watches, and energetic flies of shading make the Freitaucher an intriguing and one of a kind choice among the ocean of vintage-motivated jumpers presently on the market. 

Learn more and get your own special DuFa Freitaucher for 639 Euros here .