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Discovering the AVI-8 Hawker Harrier XV741 & Spitfire Type 300 Automatic Edition

Discovering the AVI-8 Hawker Harrier XV741 & Spitfire Type 300 Automatic Edition


AVI-8 have been a name for themselves with striking, snappy plans in watches offered at available value focuses. They’ve added some unfathomable watches to their steady this year, and for Windup, we’re investigating two of them. You won’t accept the degree of detail found in these watches, which work to push the pilot watch topic to new heights.


AVI-8 are known for delivering esteem pressed watches heavily propelled by aviation, and the Hawker Harrier XV741 Blue Nylon Automatic Limited Edition is absolutely no exemption. The watch imparts likenesses to the ‘Blue Nylon’ Retrograde Chronograph delivered a year ago however now includes a programmed development and significantly more subtleties enlivened by the Hawker Siddeley Harrier airplane.

The Blue Nylon Automatic LE commemorates the 50th commemoration of the Trans-Atlantic Air Race which was held in 1969; the actual race denoting the 50th commemoration of the absolute first Trans-Atlantic trip by Captain John Alcock and Lieutenant Arthur Brown. The victors of the 1969 Air Race would be the quickest to travel among London and New York, and the RAF accepted the open door to take part with the Hawker Harrier and hotshot its progressive vertical/short take-off and landing (VSTOL) capacity. Group Leader Tom Lecky-Thompson flew the Hawker Harrier XV741 from London to New York in a period of 6 hours and 11 minutes as a component of activity “Blue Nylon”.

The incompletely skeletonised dial of this restricted release XV741 watch incorporates numerous little contacts that commemorate both the airplane and the Trans-Atlantic Air Race, yet maybe the main part (in a real sense) is the piece of aluminum fuselage present inside the 0/12 o’clock marker. Other one of a kind parts of the watch incorporate the sub-dials for the seconds show and 24 hour register. Rather than a conventional seconds hand, the sub-seconds dial includes a pivoting front-on diagram of the Hawker Harrier which is illustrated by a reference to 11.29 miles. At its quickest, the Hawker Harrier arrived at 0.89 Mach during the race, which compares to 11.29 miles each moment. There’s even more to be seen on the dial however – the 24 hour sub-dial register and red outlining on the nine o’clock side takes motivation from the instruments and state of the Harrier cockpit.

Turning to the case, there are a few different references to both the Air Race and to the Harrier on show. On one or the other side of the case is carved the directions of the take-off and landing purposes of the race, London’s St Pancras station next to the crown (East) and New York’s Bristol Basin on the opposite side (West). The crown is likewise designed with a monochrome adaptation of a RAF Roundel. On the back, the XV741 Blue Nylon Automatic highlights a display back to show the custom rotor which appears as the turbine from the Harrier’s Rolls Royce Pegasus motor. Each watch will likewise incorporate the interesting chronic number out of this restricted run of 741 pieces carved on the back.

Aside from the conspicuous aviation subjects going through the watch, the 44mm hardened steel case includes a combination of brushed and cleaned surfaces with chamfered drags, and all given a strong dark covering. The tallness to the highest point of the counter intelligent covered sapphire gem is 13.5mm, and haul width is 22mm.  To add to the forceful styling the intense hour and moment hands, just as all files, are covered with Swiss Luminova. Fueling the watch is a Miyota programmed development, beating at 21,600 bph. Notwithstanding the rotor being obvious through the presentation back, the motions of the equilibrium wheel can likewise be seen from the front.

with regards to the ‘Blue Nylon’ activity code name, the XV741 comes fitted with a blue cowhide and nylon lash, and furthermore with an additional nylon and material sleeve tie with Velcro securing remembered for the bundle. The lash is additionally emblazoned with data to commemorate the Trans-Atlantic Air Race of 1969.

Many aviation themed observes just go up until now, anyway it’s reasonable for say that this watch not just has the family of a veritable ancient rarity from Hawker Harrier XV741 in every one, yet in addition joins numerous subtleties from the Harrier and Air Race inside a particular and present day plan.

AV-4073-44 Spitfire Type 300 Automatic Edition

Another new delivery from AVI-8 sees a WWII period warrior airplane go about as motivation for the Spitfire Type 300 Automatic Edition . The Supermarine Spitfire was a significant RAF airplane which assumed an enormous part in the Battle of Britain. Light and deft, the smooth lines and huge circular wings were intended for work more than structure, yet the notorious shape has become a suffering part of the airplane. The Spitfire Type 300 Automatic Edition honors its namesake with streaming case lines and an instrument propelled dial.

The profile of the 42mm case tries to conjure the streaming type of the Spitfire contender, and this is generally obvious on the correct hand side of the watch where the crown is flanked by two engraved ‘wings’. The adjusted crown goes about as the nose with the propeller addressed by extra engraving looking into the issue. Most of the tempered steel case is given a brushed get done except for cleaned chamfers running on each haul. The generally little fixed bezel offers path to an enormous and decipherable dial inside.

Whereas the case hoped to reproduce the elegant outline of the Supermarine Spitfire, the dial draws on the instruments from inside the cockpit. Specifically, the aircraft’s velocity pointer utilized two unique arrangements of markings as the needle moved round the dial more than one full upheaval. Inward and outside arrangements of markings on various tracks are repeated here with an exchanging combination of little hour lists for the even numbers, and huge five-minute markers somewhere else. Regardless of an intriguing combination of hour and moment numerals, the dial stays clear because of the intense handset. The enormous blade style hour hand is average for a pilot watch, however the altered needle style minute hand is another exceptionally immediate connection back to that cockpit measure.

Like numerous watches from AVI-8, the profundity and layers of the dial are essential to the dial. The enormous moment markers sit gladly over the external segment of the dial, while the middle part of the dial and the seconds sub-dial offer extra profundity, sitting somewhat underneath. The strong hands and enormous files offer low-light lucidness with Swiss SuperLuminova.

Powering the Spitfire Type 300 Automatic Edition is a programmed development from Miyota’s 8218 arrangement, which beats at 21,60 bph and offers a date window at the three o’clock position and an off kilter seconds sub-dial instead of a focal second hand. Sapphire gem is fitted on both of the watch and the back, where the custom rotor appears as the Spitfire airplane saw from above.

Several diverse colorways are available, and each watch comes fitted with treated steel arm band with an extra cowhide tie included. The dark blue dial variation is accompanied by exceptionally readable white hands and files, and a differentiating orange cowhide tie offers flexibility. The dark dial is combined with vintage hued lume and is either accompanied by a dark cowhide lash, or a completely PVD case and arm band adaptation with a profound, rich burgundy tie. The last variation is a cool all dark combination with a sharp combination of high contrast showing up on the dial. The brushed treated steel wristband estimates 22mm at the drags, tightening to 18mm at the flip lock catch.

Like numerous watches from AVI-8, the inescapable aviation interface is at the front line of the plan. On account of the Spitfire Type 300 Automatic Edition it’s the particular dial markings and moment hand that draw the eye, however the impact of the Spitfire warrior for the situation configuration ought not be disregarded.

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