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Damasko Quietly Reveals New In-House Caliber A26

Damasko Quietly Reveals New In-House Caliber A26


The work that goes into planning, designing, and building another development is generous, and the move is for the most part viewed as newsworthy. We saw it with Oris and their Caliber 400, and with YEMA and their GMT development. There’s another that nearly escaped everyone’s notice, nonetheless, and it comes from the German brand Damasko. The debut development of the A26 family was created to make autonomy from Swiss makers without a critical expansion in cost. Sounds like a shared benefit to us. Anyway, why the humility? Let’s investigate.

The A26 will be offered as an alternative close by ETA fitted watches, which means they share measurements as to fit inside similar cases. These models, which incorporate the DK30 and DK32, are as yet 39mm in breadth and under 10mm in the event that thickness, making the A26 even more noteworthy an accomplishment for the brand. Not exclusively does the A26 share measurements with the ETA 2824, all components that course power from the fountainhead to the escapement are tradable. This may temper a portion of your fervor, yet on the in addition to side, it implies the developments will be effectively useful by any competent watchmaker. 

Changes that were made incorporate another pawl twisting framework with 2 earthenware metal rollers to expand winding productivity. Moreover, metal components inside the manual winding framework, which were common disappointment focuses in the ETA, have been supplanted with solidified steel. While I  don’t see it referenced, a look between the A26 and 2824-2 and you’ll notice an undeniably more vigorous looking equilibrium connect, persuading the general strength and sturdiness of the development is possibly being undersold by Damasko here.


Out of the entryways, the A26 will come in date and non-date setup, and the utilization of silicium parts is referred to down the line. While not momentous, the moves here from Damasko are a prominent improvement and give the brand more noteworthy adaptability in gathering interest for their watches. What’s more, the A26 is by all accounts a certifiable enhancement for the all around phenomenal 2824, however further testing will be expected to affirm. Most amazing aspect all, costs are about the equivalent, giving the purchasers a more prominent level of control. 

Learn more about the new development from Damasko here , and view models with the development here .