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Damasko: A Look Inside the Manufacture

Damasko: A Look Inside the Manufacture


Only fifteen minutes via vehicle from Regensburg, Germany, you’ll discover Barbing. This lush zone isn’t very extraordinary in appearance from upstate New York, regardless of being a mainland away. Huge fields studded by little designs line either roadside when there’s a break in the trees. In the mornings in October, the mist is so thick you can’t see in excess of a couple of feet ahead, and there is a charming if not marginally sharp chill noticeable all around.

Tucked away on one of the many downplayed side streets is a long, single-story, white structure with a pitched rooftop. There’s nothing gaudy about it, and nothing to reveal to you that inside crude materials are changed into complex machines. Machines that, notwithstanding their downplayed appearances, are probably the most innovation pressed in their industry.

This is the place where Damasko watches are made.

Founded in 1989 by Konrad Damasko, this family-claimed and-worked business has been creating watches vigorously since 1994, hitting the market in the mid 2000s. Konrad didn’t just set out to make another watch; he needed to make a watch that would endure anything. A watch that wouldn’t separate or show wear. A watch that would look as great on the very first moment thousand as it does on the very first moment.

A prepared and gifted architect and designer, Konrad set up the shop as a specific producer of high exactness components, delivering complex parts for various enterprises requiring resiliences down to the micrometer, if not better. It’s a training that proceeds right up ’til the present time, and throughout the long term each task has brought new difficulties and necessities, which has permitted Damasko to accumulate designing arrangements and apparatus that they currently use to make their watches and developments.  

These arrangements have transformed into a plenty of solidness improving highlights that make Damasko watches gives over probably the hardest watches presently underway and have acquired their DC 56 Si Chronograph the honor of being the authority watch of German Eurofighter pilots for more than 10 years. Some prominent upgrades include:

  • Ice-solidified steel , which is multiple times harder than customary steel and makes exceptionally scratch and effect safe cases.
  • Fully-solidified crowns that are effectively replaceable should they get harmed (something Damasko says just occurs during cataclysmic occasions) and gloat highlights like perpetual lubrication cells, Viton gaskets, and genuine development decoupling.
  • Multi-layer DAMEST® dark DLC coating , which further ensures their watches and bezels while giving a close to unscratchable completion.
  • In-house made fired bearing rotors , offered on select models, that are close to solid and have withstood mil-spec perseverance tests.
  • And Damasko’s own patented EPS® silicon hairsprings , which they grew path back in 2008.

In 2019, Damasko has a wide list going from basic and moderate three-hand pilot watches and plunge watches produced using solidified submarine steel, to focal moment chronographs with in-house changed Valjoux 7750s and watches highlighting completely and genuinely in-house made developments. Damasko watches are exceptionally respected by fans for their basic, downplayed plans, uncommonly overbuilt cases, and available estimating. While different brands talk the discussion about being intense, scarcely any walk the walk like Damasko.

The Factory

Entering the factory you are immediately reminded that this is a family-claimed and-worked business. You aren’t welcomed by some corporate hall with marble floors and leased workmanship on the dividers, however are rather met with the sounds and scents of metal being changed. To one side and behind a substantial entryway is one long part of the creation floor. To the privilege are the regulatory workplaces, where you’re liable to discover a Damasko relative or two working at their work areas, just as meeting rooms which appear to have a perpetual stock of little treats. Past this passage is seriously machining, completing, lastly watch and development get together and testing.

A mass of crude material. Laser-etching bezels. Processing the subtleties on a Damasko case.

Currently five individuals from the Damasko family work at the company. There is Konrad, the Founder, and Petra, the CEO. Their girls Nadja and Isabella are the Director of Sales and Director of Marketing, separately, and their child Christoph is the Technical Director. Moreover, there are a few profoundly prepared mechanics, watchmakers, and a little regulatory staff.

Though the factory got going unassumingly with simply a small bunch of hand-worked machines, it currently includes almost 50 best in class factories, machines, laser cutters, EDMs (Electrical Discharge Machines), and multi-work CNCs. Strolling through the factory floor, one’s head turns as the humming, buzzing machines wrench out staggeringly complicated parts while different orderlies spot check measurements, align and change programs, and supplant material stock. A portion of the machines are enormous and fierce, putting out bigger components, while in a temperature-controlled room undeniably more exact machines tackle leaves behind imperceptible resiliences, for example, balance haggles.

truth be told, Damasko fabricates components with such extraordinary accuracy that they have a whole room devoted to estimating. Here you’ll discover a machine that moves like a 3-pivot factory, yet rather than a digit on the end, it has ruby-tipped estimating tests. An administrator will at that point set up a program that quantifies a component or a progression of components to sub-micrometer exactness, skipping the information live off of a spec sheet to ensure each part is inside reach. This is the manner by which they ensure that their watch components — regardless of whether they’re part of the case or the development — satisfy the most noteworthy guideline.

The Process

Getting a look in the background of a watch maker is consistently an educational encounter. Watches are complicated frameworks made out of materials that are not effectively changed, and keeping in mind that the final product is frequently something lovely, rich, and apparently easy, the interaction is definitely not.

Each watch mid-case begins as crude steel cut into a billet, which is then machined into a structure that I can just compare to a smaller than normal bundt cake. This early stage shape is then taken to an EDM machine where the cases are removed by electric wire in stacks. This is a lethargic and uncommon approach to cut a mid-case into shape, which is commonly done through processing or stepping, yet it’s Damasko’s favored strategy. These structures, which I compare to cutout patterns, are then processed and tapped for crown openings, spring bar openings, case backs, and so on At last, they are prepared for wrapping up.

Damasko’s cases are cut with an EDM. Cutting in interaction. Case patterns.

Not all things are CNC and computerized at the Damasko factory. Completing is as yet a craftsmanship that requires a human touch. In the wake of machining, each Damasko case experiences a few stages of completing, which one probably won’t expect given the fairly straightforward matte completion of most Damasko cases. In any case, the mid-cases are deburred and cleaned ordinary route on a wheel. This is a cycle that requires a prepared hand; an unpracticed administrator could undoubtedly eliminate a lot of material all the while. They are then wiped and conveyed to be ice-solidified.

Case cleaned and cleaned by hand. Cases are then globule shot individually.

A restrictive toughening measure, ice-solidifying comprises of warming the metal in a vacuum and afterward chilling the metal off with nitrogen. This accomplishes a hardness of 710 vickers right through. At long last, the mid-cases return to the completing room where they are cleaned and dab impacted to an even, matte completion.

obviously, this is only the mid-case. The entirety of different components are made in-house and experience comparable cycles. Case backs and bezel embeds go through profound laser scratching also, and different parts experience Damasko’s restrictive, three-layer DAMEST® DLC covering.


As an unmistakable difference to the serious and untidy interaction of making components, in a progression of extensive, calm, normally lit rooms Damasko’s watchmakers collect developments and watches. Driven by Master Watchmaker Mayer Wolfgang, a few youthful watchmakers set up everything, sharpening their abilities and making extraordinary watches simultaneously. One room centers around case and dial gathering, while the other on developments. In spite of the fact that most of Damasko’s watches use Sellita and ETA developments, they are totally altered with new date-plates and are exclusively managed. Developments, for example, the C51-1 focal moment chronograph have about 40% new parts produced in-house, and every development requires a ton of extra gathering.

Damasko’s in-house developments are likewise gathered in this room, and the activity is by and by managed by Herr Wolfgang. Despite the fact that in-house can be a contentious term, Damasko has procured the option to utilize it, having planned and designed the actual developments and assembling the greater part of the components directly down the corridor. A few components are rethought however they are still altogether of their own plan. Take, for instance, Damasko’s gems, which have a shape they characterized, and their EPS® silicon hairspring and bed wheel. The last two components are underestimated these days as they are becoming more normal, however when initially presented in 2008, Damasko was one of the not very many with this innovation. Also, their EPS® spring has a protected polycrystalline design that permits their springs to perform far better.

The Store

Thanks to Reinheitsgebot, the German Beer Purity Law, lager in Bavaria isn’t just new and flavorful, it’s modest and plentiful with every city having neighborhood bottling works with huge inventory. This has nothing to do with watchmaking, yet it helps express the enchanting feel of Regensburg, the city wherein Damasko works their sole shop. Old winding roads are loaded up with cafés and restaurants — the vast majority of which offer open air seating — permitting you to take in the wonderful dusks that come over designs that are many years old while getting a charge out of a chilly one.

The Damasko store in Regensburg. The Damasko store sells extraordinary pieces that one can just buy there.

Damasko’s store is reasonably midway situated in Regensburg, offering local people and guests the experience of seeing, taking a stab at, and buying their watches face to face. It’s an exquisite shop with calfskin love seats and glass shows establishing a wonderful climate for taking a stab at a watch. In the event that you end up being going through town it’s a strongly recommended stop. In addition to the fact that they have the watches you know about from Damasko’s list, however they additionally sell uncommon pieces that one can just buy there.

Onward and Upward

The account of Damasko is that of a brand and family that has buckled down in the course of the most recent 25 years to become a pioneer in what they do. They are an unobtrusive brand that discreetly and relentlessly attempts to make watches that eclipse and will probably outlive their competition. These are watches with classy plans, available costs, and an abundance of innovation that make them especially strong. They aren’t ostentatious, they aren’t debauched, they aren’t counterfeit — a notion that is valid for both the watches and individuals behind them.

As time keeps on walking forward, so does Damasko. Not too far off are new models, new types, and new astute answers for make far and away superior, cooler, and more tough watches. For enthusiasts of free watch brands and brands that put their item before their promoting, Damasko is a company to follow intently.

Damasko’s site

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